IRMA Analysis

Career Launcher’s IRMA Analysis can be accessed here.

We feel that a score of 85+ with 112 attempts was definitely achievable in the test.


9 Responses

  1. i attend 125 and around 105 is right can i have a chance to make a call

  2. i attended 97 quest & hope all r right.
    paper of social issues was confusing. it contain qs on
    1 what is poverty
    2 schemes for farmers benefit(7to 9 qs)

  3. some detailed analysis required

  4. Hi gaurishankar! a detailed analysis is available at:

  5. will i get ful analysis of irma with question & ans.
    i am not able to identify how much ques. are right.
    i attempt around 105 ques…

  6. will i get irma analysis by mail????

  7. sir i wanted to know the cat 2007 answer

  8. Sir i am going to appear IRMA 2009, and i am totaly confude about the social issues i am reffering da materials published in the carrier launcher site. Is that mich sufficient for the exam?

  9. sir i want to know about from where should i refer to irma’s social issues paper????what should i do????plz reply.

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