IIM-L selection criteria

The new admission policy adopted by the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (IIM-L), has resulted in high “admission acceptance rate”. In 2007, the last admitted candidate was ranked 85th on the waiting list, but this year the rank has dropped to just 25. The fact assumes importance because IIM-L has increased the number of seats from 270 to 330 this year but, despite that, it has managed to fill seats quite easily compared to last year.

The final selections, as per the admission policy 2008, have been done after taking into account the performance of the candidates right from class X till graduation, Combined Admission Test (CAT) results, group discussion and personal interview(GDPI) and work experience. “The comprehensive evaluation also provided us better candidates to select from,” Prof SKB Nair, chairman admissions, told TOI.

The selection was done in two stages. In the first stage, candidates were assessed on a five-point scale that included CAT 2007 score (30%), class X marks (5%), class XII (5%), graduation marks (5%) and experience profile (5%). The experience profile was rated on the basis of the period of work experience in months. Lowest 0.5 marks were given for 9-11 months work experience and highest five marks were allotted for work experience of 72 months or more.

In the second stage that was also on a five-point scale, candidates were assessed on the basis of their written ability test (10%), group discussion (10%), personal interview (20%), quality of academic qualification (5%) and quality of work experience (5%). Sum of all the 10 components (stage one and two take together) were taken for a final score of the candidates for preparing merit list for the final selections. Of 1586 candidates called for GDPI, 375 had been called exclusively by IIM-L.

The main list declared by GDPI had 734 candidates, including SC/ST, OBC and physically-challenged. Besides, a waiting list of 200 candidates, only for general category, was also declared. As a back up plan, a list of 80 OBC candidates was released after Supreme Court’s OBC quota verdict. GDPI of these 80 OBC candidates were held in Delhi on May 16 and 17. “Since we had more number of candidates who got calls only from IIM-L, the acceptance rate was high,” explained Prof Nair. Classes will start at IIM-L by June 26. However, candidates will be accommodated till June 30, as many change from one IIM to another till the last moment.

Another reason, according to the faculty members, for ‘high acceptance rate’ could be that IIM-L was one of the most affordable among all IIMs. The fee hike for the session 2008-09 in PGP course had been only Rs 50,000 (from Rs 2 lakh per annum to Rs 2.50 lakh). Further, the institute had given need-based scholarships worth Rs 48 lakh to 86 students in the previous session, the highest among all IIMs as per the officials. The scholarship amount may go up even further in the coming session.

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Lucknow/High_admission_acceptance_rate_at_IIM-Lucknow/articleshow/3121853.cms


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  1. well i want to know that i am working in ICICI Bank as a back office opearation since last 1.5 years so will that be counted as a work exprience.
    What they take as a work experience. what type of work, mangerial level type or below that.

  2. i am a c.sc student & i want 2 know which mba program is better for me

  3. respected sir/madam
    i want to know that i have scored 60% in 10th,53%in 12th,45% in graduation and i belong fm OBC,so how much is my posibilily to go in IIM,after CAT.is their any reqirment percentile for cat and graduation %.
    thanking you
    yours faithfully
    asha sharma

  4. i wanna to crack mba but have no idea about it.i m in in B.tech 4th year

  5. i am a B.tech IT4th year student n i want to know how much time should i devote for preparations in a day n which mba program is better for me…

  6. i have completed my graduation 2nd year and the average is 49% can i apply for cat and i know i will be able to score above 50% in my graduation .

  7. Sir,
    I have scored 50% marks in B.A. I want to know if i am eligible to give CAT entrance exam.

  8. respected sir/madam
    i want to know that i have scored 62% in 10th,70%in 12th,45% in graduation and i belong fm MOBC,so how much is my posibilily to go in IIM,after CAT.is their any reqirment percentile for cat and graduation %.
    thanking you
    yours faithfully

  9. Hi, I am a science graduate aspiring to give CAT.My percentages in X and XII , graduation are 81% ,70% and 58% resp.I have no work-experience.Will I be able to get an IIM call inspite of getting 99+ percentile?pls reply.

  10. dear sir,
    i wanna know that i got 60% in 10th, 49% in 12th, 80% in b.tech and i belong to obc. so how much possibility to go in iim .is there any criteria for 10th and 12th.

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