The grass is green for Karan Bajaj

The IIM graduate’s debut novel, which is about drug culture, has become a hit; now, director Kunal Kohli is keen on buying the film rights of the book

Karan Bajaj, an IIM Bangalore graduate, is a happy man. His debut novel Keep Off The Grass has sold more than 10,000 copies in India within a month of its release making it one of the bestsellers. Now, it success has attracted production houses and directors who are interested in buying the film rights of the book.

“Two production houses — UTV and Kunal Kohli Productions — have already expressed interest in owning the movie rights of the book. R Prasanna, a film-maker from the south, has also approached me for the movie rights,” says Karan adding, “Now, I am negotiating with Kunal Kohli Productions and UTV.”

Karan, who resides in US at present, says that he had met Kunal in person when he had come down to Mumbai. “I admire Kunal’s work. So, when I met him in person after he reached me via e-mail, I was overwhelmed,” says Karan.

Just when we thought he’s keen on giving Kunal Kohli Productions the movie rights for his book, he says, “However, it’s too early to say anything. There might be others who might be interested in buying the movie rights.” He adds, “I would give the rights to a director whose work I admire. A few lakhs here and there doesn’t matter to me.”

Ask him about his book and he describes it in his favourite writer, Ruskin Bond’s words, “A racy and entertaining account of a romp through an ever-changing yet timeless India… wild, witty and wicked – but not in the least sentimental!”

Karan confesses that he has lived reading Ruskin Bond’s books. “This compliment meant a lot to me because I deeply admire him. He’s my role model and I respect him a lot. Even in my book I mentioned his name. I thought he’ll take offence to it but he didn’t,” says Karan.

But talk about the success of the book and he beams with a smile saying, “It feels great. This is not my bread and butter but it is nice to know that my book has been well-received.”

This particular book might have never been written if Karan didn’t get inspired by another IIM graduate, Chetan Bhagat’s initiative to write a book. Karan says, “Chetan’s success influenced me. I started writing because I had a story to tell, which had a reasonable theme.”

Karan has already started working on his next book. He says, “It’s not a sequel. I’m almost done with the first draft. It should be up for release by July next year.”

Source: DNA;


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