CAT 2008 answer keys

CAT 2008 answer keys with personalized analysis is available on

Personalized Analysis
We understand that its not just scorecard that provides good analysis for any test. Therefore, when you upload your answers to online eOMR on, we give you instant feedback on your overall paper strategy in terms of spotting the sitters or comparing your score with thousands of other students who are uploading their answers on eOMR.

This service is open to all students who appeared for CAT 2008.



22 Responses

  1. Answer keys…

  2. questions were fine

  3. it was a tuff paper

  4. very easy

  5. it was my first attempt and paper was fine

  6. reasoning was tuff but over all paper was good

  7. paper was very easy and my performance was very good.
    expecting above 99%.

  8. paper picha lite….dead easy one, i didnt expect it to b sooooooo easy,i am really dissapointed……so i decided to write it next yr…lets hope it will b difficult alteast the coming yr……njoy….hav fun…

  9. my score is 63,what would be my percentile?

  10. this time quants was very easy.


  12. hi kaparikh,

    You can predict your percentile with our calculator. click here to know more Percentile Calculator

  13. quant is tuogh but remainnning paper is good and under comfirt zone……………………………

  14. paper was easy but a bit biased on VA side… me scoring 35..35..46 = 116. So from where can I expect calls. Please bother to answer… Thanks…

  15. all papers are manageable

  16. quant was easy but lrdi was mediam while eu was tough………………..

  17. paper was fine

  18. this time quants was very easy.
    reasoning was tuff but over all paper was good

  19. my score is 95. wat college can i expect?

  20. paper was good

  21. send me answers of 2008 cat examination–give me suggestion 4 english preprationof 2009-

  22. paper was quite easy but the english section had very close options to answer

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