Essay writing tips for XAT

Personality Development Programme (PDP)

Personality Development Programme (PDP)


What is looked for?

          Subject knowledge

          Clarity of thought

          Flow of ideas



          Correct usage of grammar

          Correct usage of words

          A neat hand-writing


How should you write?

          Always write in paragraphs

          It’s not a natural but learned skill

          Different paragraphs express different ideas that contribute to the main idea

          A paragraph should ideally contain :

      (i)            Topic Sentence: it is the 1st sentence expressing the main idea of the paragraph- Say what you are going to say

    (ii)            Supporting Sentences: they expand the main idea expressed in the topic sentence- Say it

   (iii)            Concluding Sentence: rounding off what has been said or a logical conclusion of the idea in the topic sentence- Say it again!!!


How should you write?

          Follow a flow of paragraphs

          Always let the first paragraph be an introduction to the subject matter

          Expansion/ support/ refutation of the idea must follow in subsequent paragraphs

          The last paragraph must have a conclusion of the main idea

          There could be two forms of writing- Deductive and Inductive

          You should have good knowledge of the topic to write about

          Read the directions carefully

          Recognize action words- discuss, evaluate, argue, comment etc.

          Focus on the issue rather than peripheries

          Choose words with precise meanings; avoid ambiguity

          Do not use Jargon

          Do not use Slang

          Do not use Cliché

          Do not use Abbreviations

          Do not use Quotations without acknowledgments

          Make tentative statements; avoid definitive statements- it leaves a scope for further discussion


How to prepare?

          Regular reading of:-

      (i)            Newspaper editorials

    (ii)            News papers

   (iii)            News websites

  (iv)            Non-fiction

          Discussions with friends and family

          Informational thinking


Topics XAT from past essays

          Gender Imbalance would lead to Third World War- XAT 2008

          Economic growth without environmental damage – a mirage or a reality. –XAT 2007

          ‘India has one of the largest pools of talented manpower, but few innovations and patented products.’ –XAT 2006

          More than one billion Indians: A gigantic problem or a sea of opportunities –XAT 2005

          Asked at the age of 83, as to which of his project would he choose as his master piece, Frank Lloyd Wright, the architect answered, “The next one” –XAT 2004

          To give real service, one needs to add something that cannot be bought or measured, like sincerity and integrity. –XAT 2003


35 Responses

  1. All said and done but to keep all these thing in mind while riting essay is difficult. though clarity of thought ,para shifts ,abbre. etc. could be kept in mind but not all points said above.nyways thnx. also pls if possible suggest some essays for XAT 2009

  2. how to impessingly start an essay?

  3. essay is a difficult proposition of XAT. Could you pls suggest a list of topics on which we can gather prior information. thanks

  4. how to write an impresing essay ? how can understand the meaning of subject ?

  5. hey sme one could plz send me a written essay that to analyse how to write thr in xat 2008.

  6. how to start essay in an impressing way?

  7. How to write an impressing essay?How analysethe topic and write in xat 2009?

  8. plzz provide some of the current topic for xat

  9. essay is a difficult proposition of XAT. Could you pls suggest a list of topics on which we can gather prior information. thanks

  10. essay writing is a different phenomenon for selection and i also know that it’s only does to knows the clearity of thoughts of students which make them slightly different among all .but we are not regulrly essay writician ,we take some time to think about the topic.plz said a large contents of list of essays for preparation according to the xat criteria.

  11. hey!!!!!!! essay writing is adifficult partof xat…… could u please suggest sme topics which we can expect in exams so as to gather sme concrete information to make it more attractive

  12. i would say gd and interviews are more easy to face in comparision to any B- school essay writing and it effects ur performance level also.Well can you suggest me any topic which can be related to XAT-09

  13. please send me an essay of current topic so i analyse that

  14. actually, the topics of xat appears to be quiet different.topics is such that given that we have to write an article or opinion or an essay. tell me

  15. is it necessary 2 use vry good vocab. or good ideas with simple english can make it??

  16. pls provide us some latest topics for xat -2009

  17. plz suggest some topics for xat ’09.

  18. plz suggest some latest topics for xat’09

  19. plz provide me some latest topics for xat-2009

  20. is it necessary 2 use vry good vocab. or good ideas with simple english can make it??

    pls provide us some latest topics for xat -2009

  21. essay marks will be considered for admission in all the xat affilitted colleges or only for some of them? essay marks will be considered in final xat score or not?

    what shoud be done if the topic is not understood?

  22. can i start my essy with famous lines said by saints orby scientist?which would make my essay immpresive.

  23. please can u provide me some expected and current topics 4 essay writing

  24. i have seen in the analysis section that the essay has been written in paragraphs were after their names. is it a good exercise? should we do it?

  25. What weightage does the essay scores have in the final xat score and which all clgs consider essay scores???
    Also plz send me some probable topics to prepare for this years essay and a sample essay if possible…thank u

  26. could you please suggest some of the most likely topics for essay writing in XAT 2009? It would be very helpful of you.

  27. Is essay marks are counted in making the final cut-off list

  28. please let me know about the expected topics for xat 2009,how important is this section ,what main points should be focussed while writting an essay

  29. plz provide some topics that are expected to come in XAT 09
    n can u please tell what exactly these people judge….your knowledge or your approach or your opinion according to the topic? please help!!!!


  31. pls provide us some latest topics for xat -2009

  32. How to start an impressing essay? And how to analysis the topic? Is there any word limit too?

  33. please send some some imp. essay topics for XAT 2009

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