First impression of XAT 2009

The paper consisted of 3 sections: Quantitative Aptitude+Data Interpretation (38 questions), Verbal Ability +Logical Ability (35 questions) and Analytical Reasoning +Decision Making (31) questions – a total of 104 questions, which was lower than last year’s 120.

As expected the paper was on the tougher side. Nonetheless it was balanced across the sections. There were few questions, which were ambiguous but all in all the paper was on the expected lines and resembling XAT 2008.

The topic for the essay was “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries”

Expected Cut-off for XLRI (BM) QA+DI: 9.0, AR+DM: 7.5, VA+LA: 9.0 Overall: 34-35


125 Responses

  1. by what time i can access detailed solution and how can i regester if i am not studying in cl

  2. I am scoring 45, do i have any chance?

  3. xat 2009 was relatively easy in terms of reasoning .verbal ability & quant was relatively tough

  4. can i have the estimated sectional cut offs for wellingkar and liba

  5. are bhaiya 32 se upar cut off ka savaal hi paida nahi hota… it was very difficult compared to last year… cl predicated 35 marks cut off for last years paper…

  6. hey guys… i found the XAT paper really hard.. especially the AR section… hope the cutoff goes lower…

  7. hey how did u know u r gettin 45? is ther any site that has published the key?

  8. paper was vry tough nd i hope tht the cut off vil be 22-25

  9. 45??? You’re going to XLRI Komal. I don’t think they’ll call you for interview..
    You’ll be selected directly (kidding.. )
    Paper was tough.
    I think the cut off will be as follows:

    XLRI: 30
    XIMB: 26-27
    GIM: 23-24

    Last year’s cutoff’s were around 32. This year will obviously be lesser.

    This conclusion is based on following factors:
    1) Number of questions reduced from 120 to 104.
    2) Difficulty of paper higher than last year
    3) Due to high negative marking (1/4 for 1st 6; 1/2 for the rest)

    So, anyone in the range of 29-30 should get call from XLRI.

    Sectional cutoff will be appx as follows:

    VA : 8-9
    QA/DI: 9-10
    AR/DM: 9-10

    All the best!

  10. Dear Komal,

    With such low score how can u even dare to have any sort of expectations…this is the right time for u 2 startd preparing for XAT 10….i would like to suggest that y dnt u try for any other mba entrance like MAT , ATMA etc …these xms will suit u

  11. I have answered 54.But havent done a ingle DI.I attemted 10 maths and I am 100% sure about it.Do i Have any chance???

  12. hello every one
    xat 2009 is so surprise
    every one told me tht its so tough n oll
    bt first impression is easy bt when u go for solve
    nt so easy bcs quant is easy 4 me bt not english n reasonig
    n time is too less:-(

  13. i think mithu is right…people like komal should not even think of an mba…such a low score!!!!…unbelievable…

  14. Hi guys!
    I am desperately waiting for the answer key. In one section I put all the answers as C !! Didn’t want to leave it blank ;)

  15. wot score is required 4 gaon domicils to get into gim??

  16. hey guys i scored 20 in DI, 24 in quant but i goofed up in eng part. i got a score of 10 only.
    which colleges should i expect to get call for GD/PI

  17. What on earth????? komal is getting such a gud score n i see a few guys saying its low !!!!!!!
    komal….. if everything else holds true n u clear the sectionals then get a call -u will..

  18. i think that xat-2009 is really some surpriesde.decision making question is really give better chance to score ,in my opinion this year 29-30 would be cut-off.

  19. hi guys!!
    can any one tell me wat wud b da intiututes givn me call at score of 15 to 16..

  20. i think cut off will be not up 33 marks but when will i get answer key

  21. hey komal…first of all…was it your attempts….
    I wonder wher u got your score….If thats the score u expect…plz…forget xlri…its too low….:-)

  22. yaar,i got 4.5 in ar & dm, do i have any chance??for ximb and gim…

  23. hi friends ,
    xat2009 was tougher than 2008. i expect the cutt off for xlri 2 b 24-27.

  24. yar… xlri (PMIR) ki cuttoffs kitni ja sakti hain ??? any idea ?
    and i m scoring just 4 in AR section.. can i expect any call? :P

  25. I think XAT 09 is tougher than XAT 08.AR section was comparatively tough.I hope cut off will be around 30.

  26. i think it is the fact that xat-2009 was tough but the most important our main work is to solve the problems.anyway i m confuse to think abt that what will be the cut-off of this paper……..just pray if it is low then better 4 us.

  27. getting 19 mark ………..
    can i expect any calls?

  28. i found the english section really toughr,i attempted only 1 question of DI,and 7 in maths,18 question in reasoning.i think the cutoff will be around 32-34

  29. xat 2009 …………………………..
    really tough…………surprising……….
    I think cut off will decrease …… BEST OF LUCK

  30. Hey Guys! Thanks for your genuine feedback….I will try for ATMA definitely, in case failing to get a call from XLRI.
    Score 45 is my expectation but suddenly after going thru Career Forum answer key , my dreams shattered into pieces, i m scoring far far lower than what i expected ..just 33.
    Hopefully I will manage a call from XLRI…….mY ONLY worry is just 8.5 mark in ARDM….
    Cheers ..
    Lets wish for something great.

  31. hi guys…..i did well it acrding to my prepration,bt m confuse about what wll d cut off,it`s ok,think for best,do ur best n leave result on god………

  32. i m scoring 21.75. 6 in eng , 6 in quant /di and 9.75 in logic.. do i hav ne chance fr a cal frm ximb??

  33. Hi my score is 34 n breakup is:
    DI+QA: 11.25
    VA+LA: 9.5
    AR+DM: 13.25

    what are my chances?

  34. hey guys wher is the answer keys

  35. where do u people got the key from

  36. over all of 34-35?? thats tooooooo ar fetched!!!
    i think it wud be around 30. the paper was really tough. CL says this year’s paper was par with last year’s. i totally dsagree. on a scale of 100, in which if this yrs toughnes was 100, last yrs wud be 60!!!

  37. does XAT esaay count if havent applied for xlri..? please help

  38. guys..which website is showing the xat 2009..answers..plzz let me know… not able to find it……:(

  39. Hey guys! I felt the Xat 2009 was the poorest start of ther 2009.
    I dont know whether it was english they tested or what ?
    decision making was too tuff as compared to last year.
    maths has not lagged behind!
    My attempts
    quant 13
    lar and dm 15
    english 16 ( issme to bhagwan hi bachchaaye )

    my analysis on cutoffssssss
    quant 9
    lr and di 10
    english 9-10
    overall 33-35!

    if english goes well, hope to see some gud result!

  40. hey saurav ! m sorry to say but ximb ???
    can definitely try for gim or liba…..bol

  41. hi, i found di and reasoning part was very tough…

  42. hey guys…
    cn any body of u tell me wat wiill be d cut off 4 liba ???

    im scoring 18.25.
    do i hv ny chances??

  43. hello friends i think cut off will be 30 around.

  44. cut off will be higher than last year, for sure.

  45. hai,
    the xat was hard to crack ,…..
    i did 45 marks questions and only those that were getting exact answers no flukes…
    following are my statics:
    took di/quant first and that was my mistake in all as this section took a wooping 50minutes and attempts were 19 only..
    then i set my speed up started doing reasoning but that was also a negative approach in choosing the questions and did 17 questions in 40 minutes…
    then i heard the most scary sound in the exam hall yes only 30 minutes remaining.. :(
    and took my verbal section but my watch was accelerating :( and was able to complete 9 questions of which most of them were rc one..
    i could have done 16 questions but my speed was slow…

    then came the stupid essay which was for first instance was like is that english !! lol

    now i think my score will be arround 35+
    but lets see i can get a call from the xlri , ximb …
    but only sectional cutoff is making me nervous..

  46. i am having a score of 14.which college should i apply for gd/pi.
    is there any chance in xiss,ranchi or ifmr,chennai or xime,bangalore or itm,mumbai.

  47. am scoring 25.25 according to cl keys….
    hope the cut offs remain low and i can get a call from GIM and LIBA… MY PERSONAL TAKE ON CUT OFF FOR XLRI BM IS 30-31

  48. i think cut 0ff will be 30-32 for xlri

  49. I am scoring 23.5 in all.
    5.5 in quant, 8.5 in verbal n 9.5 in lr.

    whr can I expect calls frm?

    I have filled xlri , ximb n gim.

    pls do help me know d same asap.

    n for other institutes taking xat score , do I need to again separately apply?

  50. sir
    could you plz help me out xat 09 anser keys

  51. Hi guys ..i am scoring 26…which college should i apply…

  52. hii everyone,.,.,,.,ppr was realy tough.,.,.,.,.
    im gettin 15-16 marks,,.,.,.,can i expect any calls?
    plsssssssss replyyyy

  53. congrats komal… 8.5 is not bad by any stretch of imagination…. 33 over all books your seat in XL…. start prep for the next round.. and be an XL ki kudi… aur koi mujhe batao 28 score mein XIM b ka koi chance hai?12 ar.. 10 VA 6 quant

  54. I am getting 37 overall with 12 in verbal, 10.75 in di and qa and 14.25 in lr. What are my chances? Have i got any chance of getting in xim atleast?

  55. hi …..there….the xat 2009 was really a tough task………..i have answered 40 questions with 85% accuracy……do i have a chance to get call from s. p .jain mumbai……or….from goa institue of management…………or …..with fingers crossed from xlri…………..

  56. ha ha ha….mitthu rocks……..komal take some pills dear….i m so worried bout u…


  57. i m getting 20 according to cl.. can i expect call frm welingker?

  58. hey…
    got 7 in section 1
    16 in section 2
    8 in section 3
    will they call me???
    is there any chance i mean??

  59. arey yaar this time it was damn tough …xat always has few wasy one but it depends who has an ability to fin t out ,,,the one who found it will get the glden egg so

    cutoff xlri 27-30

    ximb 20-24

    gim 19-21

    who knows i didnt set up xat paper just few calculation,,,

  60. mann it ws hopelesss………..
    cant nythin much outta it………..

  61. cant xpect nythin much outta it……….

  62. Can someone please tell me the criteria for admission to S.P. Jain? what cut offs do I expect there?

  63. My attempts

    VA : 19
    QA/DI: 16
    AR/DM: 12

    I feel that sessional cutoffs would be
    VA : 8
    QA/DI: 10
    AR/DM: 11

    XL Calls – 31
    XIM,SPJ -> 28/29

  64. hey m scoring 16.5,wat should b mah percentile???????4m where cn i gt calls???plz do help……..

  65. xat exam is moderate in the LR but it is tough on English & Quants

  66. wat could be the good institute after xlri, ximb, gim, etc. some average college?

  67. Hi All,

    Took XAT,09 without much expectation as XAT is anyday tougher than CAT..
    I felt Quant was on a bit tougher side, more so beause of less time compared to the number of question.A few questions i found ambiguous which were really disturbing in any exam to consume a lot of precious time.
    I feel managing 9-10 in Quants is kind of big deal…

    What are your opinion?

  68. Really xat 2009 is too tough compare to last year and also that to cat 2008,hi komal if you really score 45 then you should be in IIM _A, not in XLRI

  69. my total score in xat is15 in logic 10, in math 3.50 and in eng 1.50. which college should i apply. shoul i apply wellingkkar, liba ,kirlosker

  70. hi!!!!!!!!! friends………
    to tell u the truth i wz content with my 19 questions but as soon as i stepped out of DPS,Noida i heared so many voices exclaiming that the paper was too easy. some of the guys were claiming to solve 70-80 questions with 85-90 % accuracy. now i m thinking.. “what will be my fate………?” i expect the experts’ comment.

  71. I’ve a score of low score of 16
    Screwed up in quant
    Do i hv any chances in any coll…..????

  72. Hi,

    My scores are varying from 34 – 37 as per different institutes.
    Sectional breakup is as follows:

    DI and QA: 10
    VA: 14 – 17
    DM and LR: 10

    Can i expect a call from XLRI (BM)? I haven’t filled any other form.
    Please reply.

  73. the cut off won’t go above 28 in any case …i am expecting anything between 24-27…lr-13,va-8.5,quant-5.5

  74. xat 2009 was a bit complicated i think the english compe’s were lengthy n confusing maths was of course easy and then coming to the last section my god it really gooms up

    wat will be the cut off to enter gim or liba

    hope this time the cut off will be less …….let us all put our fingers crossed n hope for the best


  75. below GIM and LIBA,there is not so many great colleges…
    still there is xavier’s colleges like XIME,XISS…which held in high esteem due to xavier tag

  76. kirloskar is not great….they dont have aicte approval

  77. my total is 31……..can i xpct xim…….nto a domcl of orssa

  78. hai evry body
    well dis year xat was really tough.
    i dnt know wass goin to b d cutoff?
    well i am scoring 38 but am not sure about d cutoff’s so any one kindly help.

  79. xat’09 was tough to crack…
    my scores r
    do i stand any chance of getting call 4m any b schoo?if so pls lemme knw wer i can apply?

  80. sir, i have 5 in va,6 in QA and DI and 7 in AR total so what may be my percentile in xat,and from which institute from which i can apply????

  81. Nithesh , you shall try ATMA ………..

  82. hey i am getting a score of 25. can i expect call from liba..?

  83. Hi Everyone !!

    i m scoring 28 marks in xat…..can i expect call from ximb

  84. Hi…ThErE…. Xat 2009 was more n the tougher side…as far as quants concrnd…i btr shut… i attemptd nly vrbl n anal.reason…..i ve managd only 24….lets see… is GIM possibl???

  85. Hi,

    Im getting a score of 23. Any chances in welingkar?

  86. hi my xat score is
    should i apply for any college like wellingkar
    Please suggest

  87. Hi
    I have a score of 6.5 in QA . I have 13 .75 each in the other two sections. I have a work-ex of 30 months

    Do i stand a chance of getting a call from XLRI or XIBM ??

  88. i attempted 8 question and 8 are right what should be my percentile.please tell……………………………

  89. hey i am gettin smoewhere between 18-21.. so from where shall i expect a cal… and for which coll should i apply

  90. hey guys
    i got 33.5
    VA 8.5 QA . 7 and LR 18
    what are my chances???????
    paper was really tougher than last year……

  91. sir my score are
    Qua and di -9
    please help me in which colleges i should apply for gd and pi

  92. hi my score in xat is 15
    so i have any chance for call…….

  93. hey guys..i m scoring 24.pls suggest me some good colleges to apply

  94. do other colleges like liba,wellinger,itm…..give importance to sectional cut offs?

  95. hello,
    my XATwas worse than my CAT xam!!
    i m gettng VA-9.5
    could u plz suggest me whether i shud go 4 LIBA or not??
    & considering my orissa domicile quota-will i get a call 4m XIMB??

  96. hiiiiiiiii

    my score is 34 in xat and only worry is sectional

    al d best

  97. i m getting19 marks…
    plz suggest me which coll to apply??

  98. plzzzzzzzzz provide the solution of xat 09 “d” series booklet

  99. hey guys m gettn 26 score…cn i expct cal frm liba? do thy consider sec cutt off..coz i screwd up in quant..

  100. My Scores are
    Maths 11
    Reasoning 12
    English 6 As per IMS and 4.75 as per CL and TIMES
    overall 27.75 or 29
    What are my Chances of getting call from XLRI,XIMB and SPJAIN

  101. i attempted 33 questions. i dont know what the cut off will be.

  102. my score


    i m in cloud nine……………
    wht abt all of u buddy

  103. hi guys
    when u know that u have to be an best management trainee & u participate 1 of the most prestigeous manag. exam & u can’t study

  104. hi guys can anyone help me..I have scored 12 in xat… which college should i there any possibility that i get selected for wellingkar..plz help

  105. hi guies!the paper was not so tough.

  106. hi guys

    I got total of 29.5

    Please tell me my chances…please reply anybody

  107. heyyy….. pls tell me whether liba,xime,welinger …..consider sectional cut offs

  108. i have got 18marks in XAT-2009.from which institutes i can expect calls?

  109. hi,guys i got in 12marks which college are good on the basis of this no

  110. My score is 35


    Can i clear english cutoff??
    i have filled XLRI bm&IR and XIMB?
    which call should i expect?

  111. i thnk th XAt ws th easiest of all th papers ths time..a boy of even a class V cud hv done ths paper easily..Similarly as v arn’t able to do nethn wit ths paper,he too wudn’t hv done wht’s th diff b/w us n a student f class v..(JST KIDDIN FRNS)

    neways my total is cumin out to b 24.75…hope i cud sumthn gud wit such a score..bcuz i dnt wnt to attempt such a paper nxt year..

  112. hi.i’m thinking xat 2009 paper was very easy than last year.but some question are vary’s my thought

  113. wat is expctd cut off 4 xime n wat s its avg package?????

  114. hey i jus got my xat results i ve scored 22 overall, Quants-9
    va- 61
    Decision makin- 28
    can u plssss please pleas tell me if i have an entry into liba or any other institute please tell me…

  115. i hv got 79 percentile in xat….will i get a call from xiss

  116. pls let me knw if i cn get a cal frm liba n gim
    my percentile is-89.6
    also let me knw which other colgs i shud fill up..

  117. Hi, I got

    Verbal Ability – 6.840

    Quantitative Ability – 32.160

    Reasoning & Decision making ability – 15.350

    Total Percentile – 9.520

    What my chance ??

    Pls tell what is my chance to get admission in WELL KNOWN college

  118. good afternoon sir,
    can i get admissin 2 B-School? as my %tile score in
    each section in XAT -2009 EXAM as follows ,
    TOTAL %TILE-18.590


  119. XAT Results ..

    VA 86.xx
    LR ..91.xx\
    QA 97.xx

    OA 97.04 %

    Can any1 express his views abt XIMB ,,their ads are really pathetic .. XIMB CALLING ..lolzzzzzzzz

  120. Hi guys…i got 21.71%tile.verbal 31.960,q.a 32.16o, rdma 27.650. whr cn i expect call frm? I dnt filled any colleges appl. form.plsss plsss plsss help me…please reply me……

  121. My percentile is 80.57,can i get into LIBA? I am a christian minority,do we need work experince?

  122. i got 63.630% in xat 2009,,…suggest me gud colleges on my score basis,….pllzzzz

  123. hey vandana ,try out kiroloskar or iame bangalore

    dnt wish it was easier ,hope u were beter

    all d best

  124. Hi All,

    I ve got 73%ile in XAT.. pls pls suggest me some colleges for applying..Pls reply as soon as possible as application dates for most of the colleges have lapsed..

  125. i got 65% in xat 2009,,…suggest me gud colleges on my score basis,….pllzzzz

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