Last PDP Boot Camp at Delhi


Definitely. It was one of the best experiences I had in Career Launcher. There were many innovative exercises which made us thin out of the box. The feedback as extensive and very helpful.

– Abhishek Srivastava

Yes, interview mentoring was the most important. The GD drills really boosted my confidence.
– Anurag

As expected, it kept me on my toes and adequately focused on fundamental (of GD, BA, etc) as well as putting them into practice by various mock sessions and group discussions.
– Vasundhra Jain

The PDP Boot Camp definitely helped me a lot in identifying and streamlining my goals. The GD exercises were a lot of fun and educational.
– Rahul Negi

Yes, the PDP Boot Camp has lived up to the expectations. I expected that the interview sessions would be grilling and it turned out to be so. The faculty here is very co operative and experienced enough to bring out the best in an individual.
– Rubal Singh

It exceeded my expectations by a long way. It has assisted me in getting t know about the aspects of my own personality and how to use those tools to tackle the interview and GD which I was almost oblivious to.
– Gurbaxecesh