SIBM GD/PI experience-1

Process Details-

1) Group Discussion (Case Study)

2) Group Task

3) Personal Interview

GD/Case study details

No of students in the Group- 11, 2 were absent.

Time duration– 10 min to study and 15 min to discuss.


Switchex is a switch gear company. The switch gear market in India has many players. Two big players have got 40% and 37% (approx data) of market capitalization. Switchex has 14% share. Rest 9% is contributed by many small players.

The company has a strong presence in northern India because of its emphasis on dominating north India region. Now Switchex want to increase its presence in western India region.

In Kohlapur region – (western India region) Kadam brothers are its dealer. They have performed very well for 2 years except for last 6 months. Mr. Patil, the manager, has also seen irregularities in payment received from Kadam brothers. Mr. Patil found out that dealer has some partnership issue and one of the partners has left Kadam brothers. Also, rest of the partners is looking into their own business which is impacting sales of Switchex.

Mr. Patil has been approached by another person who is interested to take up dealership for Kohlapur region. He has been a dealer for electric panel for XYZ Company in the same region. Mr. Patil knows that Kadam brothers have got good reputation and good contacts in the region.

The regional manager wants Mr.Patil to push the sales in short term. As the company focuses on growth, Mr.Patil had to push the sales figure and can’t wait any longer. What should Mr.Patil do?

Interview Details

No of Panel Members – 3 members panel, 2 Men and 1 lady. The lady was a faculty member and the two were from industry.

Over all observation-(comment in 2-3 sentences)

Interview was generic HR type. Typical interview duration was 5-10 minutes. Only 1 candidate was interviewed for 15-20 min as she was from literature background and may have offered something unique to the panel.

Questions asked-

  1. Tell me about yourself?
  1. Tell me about your family?
  1. Do you regret leaving Infosys a starting your own firm?
  1. What is your learning from your venture?
  1. What are your Strengths and weaknesses

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