CAT may not go online this year


Last Dec. IIMs had floated a tender and short-listed 4 companies to conduct CAT 2009 online.

Logistics issues might hinder possibility of CAT going online this year. 300,000 students to take exam on same day on computer terminals – large scale provision of infrastructure and facilities involved – huge task.

Pankaj Chandra, director, IIM Bangalore: “In the next few weeks, we will take a call if we will go online this year or not.”

Decision to be taken by April or May.

Career Launcher too says if IIMs were to go online with CAT this year, they should have notified the students by now. Career Launcher is investing around Rs 30 lakh across its centres to facilitate online CAT training on computer terminals to its students.

IIMs say they’ve been occupied earlier with placements and now with admissions. Once these processes are in place, they would look into the matter of online CAT.

Source: Business Standard


3 Responses

  1. It doesn’t matter at all to us but online test will be much more feasible

  2. What I would like is a CAT score that is valid for at-least 3 (or 5 preferably) years. Instead of this mindless taking of the CAT year after year.
    If an online test like GMAT can give me that why not CAT? Make it online, give the score a larger validity period. This would also reduce the number of test takers.
    People who get good score but do not want to leave jobs in current scenario can wait a few years, and on the other hand people who have got a not so good score need not take up a second grade b-school just because they are worried about doing worse the next year!

  3. i dont really think online cat will be much more user friendly to the students and infact for the first time in use we would rarely have any good idea about it………

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