CAT 2009 is a computer based test

It has finally been confirmed – CAT is definitely going to be a computer based test (CBT) from this year.

As per this press release from IIM Bangalore:

  • The Common Admission Test (CAT) of the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) is going to be a Computer Based Test (CBT) from this year onwards, comparable to the existing tests such as GMAT, GRE, and TOEFL.
  • The test will be conducted in a window of about ten days sometime at the end of the calendar year.
  • CBT CAT will be a candidate-friendly test in terms of flexibility in the selection of test date, ease of registration process, better physical environment and test experience, and enhanced security in terms of biometric identification of candidates and video monitoring.
  • IIMs have selected Prometric ETS to be their partner in delivering the computer-assisted CAT.
  • More details will be available on the computerised CAT along with the advertisement for CAT to be released later this summer.

To know more about the impact of CAT going online on your preparation, please read this post from the CL Academic Team.

To take an online test, click here.


23 Responses

  1. Thank God !……at last we are now aware that CAT will be paperless but could anybody tell me that what is the difference between CBT CAT and online CAT?

  2. Vaibhav,

    Essentially there is no differnce. between the two.Online CAT and CBT are Synonymsly used.Though there can be different formatsof the test :
    GMAT ( which is an adaptive test)
    BITSAT Model etc.

  3. It is not a good news
    there are a lot of confusions

  4. Great information finally CAT hab become CBT CAT….Now as a CL student do CL is going to arrange computer labs to arrange the online mock CAT test….????

  5. dt’s cool…
    but i’m little bit confused bot d formet of d test…

  6. its a great news!but is cl going to give online test coaching to it’s student??????????

  7. its not a good there will be a lot of technical intricacies…….and student will find it difficult…….

  8. certainly not a good news…but the good news is that , its going to be bad for All…lets hop up this oppurtunity…. ; )

  9. huh…… dis is no gud news…..!!!!!!! hope dat cl will give online coaching??????

  10. Well just for the record, CBT and online CAT are two different things. When you say Computer Adaptive Test, it means that the level of question difficulty depends on your answer weather correct or wrong. A computer based test will have uniform paper without varying paper difficulty.

  11. hi.
    wht will be the psychological effect on paper takers??
    wht if CAt follows GMAT pattern that is if it has writing an essay or discussing the arguments or something like that.One should be prepared for all these things as well.

  12. ahaa… finally confusion is over… can concentrate on prep now…can somebody tell what computer adaptive test is????

  13. Aha… It’s a great news that reduces the tension of boring paper. I a

  14. Computer adaptive test is the test in which computer will adapt the test according to your performance,eg if you answer a question of quant correctly then next question will be of higher level and if u give wrong answer then the next question will be of lower level than previous question

  15. I am confused. how IIMs will organise CAT online? because cheating would be possible due to online test. Students can take help of their teachers. So, can anyone tell me at which place/cities, we will have to take CAT?

  16. Hi Guys,
    Can any body tell me that about what time of the year the test “CAT” is going to be held.

    November or December

  17. hiiiiiiii
    Dear friends,

    Plz tell me the me the right preparation of CAT

  18. Well guys CAT has always been adapting heavily from GMAT. This step was getting more closer to the GMAT pattern..Maybe studying for GMAT and CAT will eventually become the same….

  19. i think it’s good sign for the engineers specially for computer engg………….

  20. Well, it’s the test of knowledge… doesn’t matter whether it is online or written. If you haven’t built strong foundation, you would perform equally bad in both.
    However, we can assume that there might be (1) equal number of questions in English and Maths as in GMAT (2) less figure based questions like Geometry (3) smaller tables in DI. For RC, you need to develop different strategy as you can’t underline important points in the paragraph.

  21. well…its always a great feeling when we hav our ‘one of the most prestigious exams of our country’ going online and coming out frm the usual paper pencil format………….rest it hardly makes any diff whether its online or not…….as usual it is going to be a sort of cake walk for the deserving ones…………

  22. i hink its not good news
    its should not be online

  23. hey guys!! I only hope all questions can be scrolled easily, not like what we’re seeing in our mocks….And i pray for the slots to begin after my externals. Hopefully, cause it’s flexible..yeah, and i agree it doesn’t make a biiig difference going online.

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