Preparation plan for last three months till CAT2009


If you have just begun your preparation for the CAT, I would suggest that the first step should be to take a diagnostic test. This would help you determine where you stand today, which in turn will help you understand the extent of effort you need to put in for success at the CAT. Also, you would get a fair idea of your weaknesses and strengths.

Next, you must chalk out a study plan. Allocate 45 days to get all fundamentals of Quant, Verbal and DI/Logic in place. Slot one hour per area, i.e., 3 hours of study every day. Every week, take one full length test and keep fine tuning yourself. Post first 45 days, start taking full-length tests every 3 days. You must ensure that you learn from the feedback of each test.


If you have already been preparing for the CAT, you must take a mock-CAT to see where you have reached vis-a-vis the IIM call score. Identify your weak areas and focus on them in the first phase. Remember, every mock-test that you take from now on will give you additional areas to focus on. Keep fine-tuning yourself accordingly.

A rough study plan would be:

  • September end till October 1st week – Work on your weak areas so that you can clear the cut-offs. Also, take 3 to 5 mocks.

  • October 1st week till November 1st week : Take about 9 to 10 mocks along with several small practice tests. Focus on maximizing your score in your areas of strength.

  • November 1st week till the CAT : Take one test every 2 days and build your test game plan.

Gejo Sreenivasan                                                                                                                 Principal Consultant


39 Responses

  1. My score in VA has been declining ever since I appeared in the first MOCK. Today, I appeared for the 4th mock test and my VA has plunged to -ve. But my quant and DI scores have seen improvement.
    Please formulate a plan of action so that I can get a near cut-off in VA at least!
    thank u.

  2. sir i was enrolled in cl last year ,everything going fine but since last two month i am suffering from *health problem* and everything got stopped for me,so right now how can i proceed pls suggest
    thank u

  3. Hi Anshuman,

    We would suggest you to try our Online product called- MBA Test prep on Demand. This product will provide you with all the requisite information to boost your performance.

    Career Launcher Team

  4. Hi Sumit,

    CL offers a bevy of products that can help peak your performance while preparing from home. Try the following products:
    MBA Test Prep on Demand (Preparation guidance),
    CAT Scan (Analysis of old papers)
    Mock Tests

    These products would ensure ample guidance and practice for you to ace the CAT.

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  5. Sir, my scores of prock cat mock 3 was 88.61. After that i have tried giving prockcat mock 1 and 2 at home, but my scores have gone down to 25 and 47.6 percentile respectively. I am extremly worried as there is very little time left and i dnt knw how to come out of this. English is confusing me more and more as i m going into the details of the subject. And how to go for Quant and DI. Can you please help.

  6. sir, i was enrolled in cl last year.. i m almost regular with it.. i properly study it, but still my mocks result is very bad. what shpuld i do to improve.??

  7. my performance is not going good from last 3 months of coatching. my percentile is going very much less nd i only able to understand 20-30 percent of whole syllbus. can i regain from the time left to CAT09. pls sugest me how can i trasform some satisfactory percentile.
    thank u

  8. sir my preparation is a bit more than a beginner…i m losing my confidence as days to cat are decreasing.plz suggest me how i can make my prep. more efficient n boost my confidence..thnx

  9. i am very confused.this last 3to4month is very important.plz give some guidance how to handle at this situation.

  10. i hv been enrolled in cl class program since last year.
    my weak part is english……m improving in quant n di frm st1 mock gradually n hope to do good in that area, but there is no such progress in VA section…..
    sugeest me some techniques so that i can improve n do good in dat section also………i always get confused in d options n mark d incorrect ones………..please suggest me some tips……………thank u.

  11. i had joint cl from starting of this month and since then iam facing a big problem in doing QA and LR related questions i was really very bad at maths in school time and i really want to overcome this problem there is very short time left for cat.
    please suggest.

  12. sir m little bit preparing for cat’09 but i am not able to get how to study and from where to start..??

  13. Hi Sir,

    Since last two years my English scores have been slumping. (2007: 7, 2009: 5)
    I feel that I am good in grammar and vocab, but there is a lurking fear that makes me less confident while attempting the English section. What can I do to improve on this front ?


  14. Thanks. These tips were really needed.

  15. sir,i have not given any mock test till now its august end.i am too nervous now please suggest me how should i proceed now with my preparation in order to clear the cut-offs.

  16. Hi Jyoti,

    Check out this article: Master the Language at our publication – Media Mates‘ website.

    To brush up your skills and build necessary competence to succeed in answering all that the CAT can throw at you, try out our online preparation product called: MBA Test Prep on Demand.

    Career Launcher Team

  17. Hi Aakansha,

    There will be plenty of helpful articles to published on our blog in the next few weeks focusing on preparation tips. Besides this, if you want preparation assistance, then you could have a look at our online preparation modules.

    Career Launcher Team

  18. Hi Amritesh,

    Check out this article: Master the Language at our publication – Media Mates‘ website.

    To brush up your skills and build necessary competence to succeed in answering all that the CAT can throw at you, try out our online preparation product called: MBA Test Prep on Demand.

    Career Launcher Team

  19. HI SIR,
    I am from non-maths background, so i am having prob in quants and DI , verbal is going nice, in prock mock 1 and 2 i got above 90 percentile but quant and DI it was merely 10-20 percentile. plz suggest some some tips how i can manage the quant and DI

  20. Sir I hav given 4 Mocks After Proc Mock 3, but I find my scor static at or in 60s….. can U plz suggest me ways to improve my score…. While attempting Take offs I often get around 30 in each section but in Mocks this decreases to a totla f only 60….

  21. hello….sir/mam…….
    i’ve given mock bt my score is nt sufficient. bt in class i do all the study meterial bt wen i gave the mat, i feel that all the question r out of my knowledge…
    cn u gave me some suggestion to improve his preperation….
    plz tell me wt i should do,so that i cn do better.
    i’ll b gratefull to u.

  22. dear sir,
    i started in early july. though, everything is fine but, i find quant a bit diffiult while studying but scores good in mocks.The scenario is altogether different with verbal section which looks east to assimilate but i find it a bit hard to score in it. how abt. that? nd ould u please give me some tips regarding DI prepration.

  23. sir..
    i have appeared for 4 proc mocks till now and 2 online mock cat.. bt i m yet not able to decide my preparation status coz my percentile keeps fluctuating over a large range.. i got around 86% in 1st proc mock bt den it declined to 30% in 2nd. n in d 3rd and 4th proc mocks i got around 80% and 40% resp.
    Please suggest me wat 2 do..

  24. Hello Sir,
    Since i’ ve started giving mock tests, sometimes I’m good in english,sometimes in LR and sometimes in QUANT.Everytime I managed to do only one section quite good. My overall percentile, however, remains almost constant, b/w 55-60.
    Could you please guide me regarding the same.

  25. sir, i was enrolled in cl last year ,i have given all 4 mocks and i am finding hard to score in verbal section despite much practice of rc and reasoning questions ,my score is deteriorating ,kindly suggest me some techniques so that i can improve on va.

  26. sir,i am weak at verbal section despite much practice of rc and reasoning questions i am frequently marking the wrong choices and my score in va is deteriorating so kindly suugest some techniques so that i can improve my score

  27. sir i’m cl classroom student frm last year
    but for past few months i’m physically unfit before that my prep was good i ‘ve given mocks and m unable score in LRDI
    plz guide me how should i go abt in the next three months

  28. sir, do u have any publications from ur institute….coz i have seen some books at n m not sure whether they a genuine.

  29. please give the details of cut-off percentiles according to the no of questions that have to be attempted to score those.

  30. Hi,
    I work for a software company and really focused on giving my career a great leap.My percentile is around 60-70.Also an odd 50s sometime.
    I get less time from office but I try to give max time I can.
    I am done with fundamentals but still don’t have in dept control in each topic. I clear cut off once in a while in one section.
    So three months left. what shuold be the approach.
    Wat does working on weak areas exactly mean?
    1.should go through fundas work more problems.
    2.should I take more sectional online test.

    Your advice will be much apprecaited.


  31. sir im m taking coching from career launcher for last 2 months.
    sir CAT exam is coming near by im losing my confidence. n my brain has also stoped working

    plzzzzzz suggest me that what should i do

  32. Hi ,
    I would like to share something with you people.
    In PROCMOCK 4 , I cleared Quant and DI cut-offs for the first time. I adopted a change in the study technique that worked wonders for me and I hope it might do it for you as well.
    In the first three PROCMOCKs , I used to study the funda books. But just a week before the MOCK-4, I asked my friends to solve questions with me. We used to solve ques continuously for about 3-4 hours everyday…It actually did wonders for me. When I actually sat for MOCK-4, I was very much confident, also, I never panicked at all during the test.
    I think the reason behind it might have been the fact that I was more proactive while solving ques with my friends.
    Believe it or not, I was not a ‘CAT cracker’ material before MOCK-4, but the above technique did help a lot.Just give it a try…..

  33. hello sir
    i have been preparing with CL pegasus at home since february. i am gettting a regular percentiles of more than 97 & even more than 99 in two of the poc mocks. does these marks indicate that my preparations are heading in the right path as i am apprehensive about my speed in the quant section
    in anticipation of your response
    Dr Saurabh sharma

  34. Hello Sir,

    I’ve enrolled in cl classroom since weak sections are Quant and Lrdi. I m nt able to clear the cutt off of these two sections uptil now. sometimes I also scored in negative , dats why my percentile decreases. Plz suggest me how to prepare for Quant and Lrdi more efficiently and boost up my confidence as there is very less tym left for CAT 09.
    waiting for your reply

  35. hello sir,
    i have joined CL 1month before,but im not able to solve quant and DI questions,im realy worried, m even worried that wil i b even able 2 score in MAT… im realy not able to understand wat to do… m understanding capability is very average..i take time to understand things..pls help me……………….

  36. sir ji my scores vary too much sometimes they arein 93+%ile sometimes they are in 10<%ikle what t o do
    plz plan out something fr me

  37. sir,
    Myself vinay chaurasia.i am student of cl varanasi.i joined cl last year so that i can prepare well for next cat but in the mid i felt down that’s why everythings is going in the negative i hardly gain 5-6 marks in mock test.i am handicap too what should i do?what precauntion should i need to follow?should i submit my DA certificat to IIM A or not?

  38. sir pls helpme because my percentile is going negative .from possitve
    sir please suggests me for increase my percentile in next mock.i know that there is not toomuch time is left for preparations.

  39. If i am getting percentiles in 97-99 range then what range of percentiles should i expect in cat as per the usual trend.?

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