CAT 2011 Analysis – Oct 29, 2011 (Slot 1)

Day 5, 29th October 2011 (Slot 1)

The test had a total of 60 questions with the two timed sections of 30 questions each. The pattern of questions was similar to that of CAT ’08, ’09 and ’10.

As per the students, Section 1 consisted of 23-24 QA and 6-7 of DI questions. These included two simple questions on percentages and one question on logic. Students reported that the questions were easy, were not calculation intensive and could be attempted by the average student. The section was time consuming and some of the questions acted as speed-breakers slowing the pace. 2 questions were repeated from previous years’ CAT papers. The first was a question on Data Sufficiency and the second, a question on ratios. Students who have practiced regularly and have paid attention to previous years’ papers should have nothing to worry about.

The 30 questions of Section 2 were split as 11 questions of Logical Reasoning, 8 questions of Verbal Usage and 3 sets of questions of Reading Comprehension. As per the students, most of the LR questions were very easy, one RC passage and a few Verbal Usage questions (para completion and para-jumble) were tricky.

Overall this test can be considered to be on the easy to moderately difficult side, as each section had some questions that were a little time-consuming. An attempt of around 23-24 questions in QA&DI and 22-23 questions in VA&LR with a cumulative attempt of around 45-46 questions and an accuracy of 90% can be considered good.

All the Best!

-Team CL


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