CAT 2011 Analysis – Oct 30, 2011 (Slot 1)

Day 6, 30th October 2011 (Slot 1)

The test had a total of 60 questions with the two timed sections of 30 questions each.

As per the students, Section 1 consisted of 21QA and 9DI questions. This section can be best described as time-consuming and every consecutive question seemed to demand more time than the former. A majority of the questions were based on Geometry and required the student to draw a diagram before solving the question.

The VA-LR section came with the usual set of questions – RCs, para-jumbles, sentence completion etc. Students reported that one of the RC passages came from English Literature and another, from Business Management.

Overall this test can be considered to be moderately difficult. An attempt of around 26 questions in QA&DI and 24 questions in VA&LR with a cumulative attempt of around 50uestions and an accuracy of 85% can be considered good.

All the Best!

-Team CL



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