Procedure adopted by the IIMs for short-listing candidates for personal interviews

Please find below PDF files containing the selection criteria used by the various IIMs to shortlist CAT 2008 takers for the second stage of the admission process

IIMA: has shortlisted candidates for personal interview. Download selection criteria here.

IIMB: has shortlisted candidates for GDPI. Download selection criteria here.

IIMC: has shortlisted candidates for GDPI.  Download selection criteria here.

IIML: has shortlisted candidates for written ability test and GDPI. Download selection criteria here.

IIMK: has shortlisted candidates for GDPI. Download selection criteria here.

The above information has been taken from the websites of the respective IIMs.

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Career Launcher’s classroom student gets 100 percentile in CAT 2008

Tycoons 2009

Nishant SinhaNishant Sinha, a Career Launcher classroom student at New Delhi has achieved 100 percentile in CAT 2008.

A big congratulations to him from everyone at Career Launcher.

Nishant’s scorecard can be viewed here.

Likely Cut-Offs For CAT-Allied Institutes


Personality Development Programme (PDP)

Personality Development Programme (PDP)



We have been getting a lot of students enquiring about their chances of getting calls from various CAT allied institutes.


The following table (now also available in the forecast section on is based on statistical data of thousands of CAT 2008 takers, who submitted their scores on the Career Launcher website.


We have calculated the percentiles by using the advanced statistical model developed by Career Launcher and IWSB experts to bring you the best in class analysis.


Likely Cut-Offs For CAT-Allied Institutes













KJ Somaiya, BIM, Fore, UBS, IMI-HR, MICA






IFMR, IIFM, BIMTech, Kirloskar, IISWBM, Jaipuria






SCM Cochin, IMM, Globsyn, Cosmic, Alliance, ISBM



NDIM, EMPI, Asia Pacific, Amrita, Suryadatta, Skyline



Disclaimer: All information on cut-offs, analysis, answer key, solutions and scores are based on independent analysis and evaluation made by Career Launcher. We do not take responsibility for any decision that might be taken, based on this information.

10 percent aspirants gave CAT a miss

Source: The Times of India

Excerpts from the link above:

Data provided by the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIM-B), which administers CAT in three cities — Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad — shows that the total number of candidates who gave CAT the slip at these centres this year is 6,352. The centre-wise break-up is 3,032 in Bangalore, 1,624 in Pune and 1,696 at Hyderabad.

Data from other IIMs too showed that about 10% of candidates did not show up for the CAT. Figures given by IIM-Kozhikode show that a total of 22,120 candidates from Kozhikode, Coimbatore and Chennai were expected to appear. Of these, 2,045 did not show up. “This is the normal percentage of candidates not turning up for the test. And, this is not high”, an IIM-K official said. The city-wise break-up is 1,251 in Chennai, 310 in Coimbatore and 484 in Kozhikode.

IIM-Lucknow administers two cities — Delhi and Lucknow. IIM-L chairman (admissions) Saji K B Nair told The Times of India that of the 59,000-odd candidates who applied, 42,300 were from Delhi alone. “Candidates wrote the test in 59 venues. We are still counting the number of candidates who did not show up in the remaining venues. However, data from 40 venues reveals that about 10% not take the test,” he added.  


There is nothing new here as around 10% drop out every year due to a variety of reasons ranging from work obligations, personal reasons, securing a new job or admission in a foreign university etc

Instant CAT 2008 Percentile Calculator is LIVE now

We have released instant CAT 2008 percentile calculator on

How can I calculate my percentile with this tool ?

Step 1 :

If you are a Career Launcher student, just login with your SIS username/password on

If you are not a Career Launcher student and have not registered for CAT 2008 service, first register on and mark your answers through e-OMR. If you have already filled e-OMR, skip this step.

Step 2
After filling the e-OMR, click on Forecast tab to get your sectional and overall percentile predictions. This service is open to all students who appeared for CAT 2008.


1. How accurate are these predictions?
The predictions are fairly accurate – in fact statistically these are presented with 95% confidence. There is also a small margin of statistical error which can be calculated for each prediction. The CL team has analysed the error correction data and concluded that it will not make any material difference to the predicted score.
You must remember that these scores have been calculated based on CL’s answer keys and on the attempt data provided to us. Naturally if either of these are wrong then it affects your, and everyone else’s, scores.

2. Will my percentile change as more people provide attempt data?

No, it wont. We have collected enough data to statistically predict the characteristic of the CAT takers population. Based on these assumptions we have put in formulae to calculate your CAT percentile projections. Even if more data comes in, it is unlikely that our model will change, hence your percentile projection is more or less constant.

3. Can CL predict the calls from various institutes?

The different institutes have provided information in the public domain where they state their selection criteria. Many of these are also on our website. You may apply the same to your projected percentiles to get an idea of your chances of getting a call.

4. If I resubmit by data will my percentile predictions change?
Yes it will, but only if your scores change. The system will dynamically generate a different projection based on the new scores submitted.

5. What next ?
Watch this space. The CL team will provide a tool to help predict institute specific call predictions.
Also, ask your friends to provide their accurate e-OMRs to us. It will only help us to refine our model. And of course, they will know their CAT percentile projections !

Your feedback is always important for us. Please leave a comment.

Disclaimer: The data is based on a statistical model and is dependent on inputs provided by CAT takers which cannot be authenticated.Your actual percentiles may vary. Do not take any decisions solely on the data provided by this predictor, Career Launcher will not be responsible for the consequences.

CAT 2008 answer keys

CAT 2008 answer keys with personalized analysis is available on

Personalized Analysis
We understand that its not just scorecard that provides good analysis for any test. Therefore, when you upload your answers to online eOMR on, we give you instant feedback on your overall paper strategy in terms of spotting the sitters or comparing your score with thousands of other students who are uploading their answers on eOMR.

This service is open to all students who appeared for CAT 2008.


CAT 2008: Just Another CL Mock CAT

It was a nice day as CAT-2008 brought some surprise with the VA section having a weightage of almost 45% . But for the CL students it was just another  CL MOCK TEST as two to three MOCK tests in the CL MOCK CAT-2008 series were designed with a VA weightage of almost 45-50 %. 

Concurrently, 15 to 16 questions in QA, 3 sets in LRDI and 10 to 12 questions in VA sections of CAT-2008 were very similar to the type of questions that feature in the CL study material.