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As part of our ongoing initiative to reach out to students and provide them with 24×7 support and guidance, we have compiled all our videos (on CAT preparation) on YouTube and made them available in a new free-to-use and easy-to-browse website.

This is an online repository of video explanations of important questions from the various Mock CATs. It is a free resource and you should be able to browse through by simply clicking on the appropriate section and topic links given on the left of the website.

CAT takers can browse through the videos by first choosing the section of the paper (on the left of the website) and then subsequently the topic and the particular Mock CAT. More videos will be added on a regular basis.

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Existentialism Simplified

Well the mercury is rising everyone…CAT is just a month away! Lately I have been thinking that although we talk a lot about the reasoning and verbal section of CAT, we focus hardly on the most ubiquitous section in CAT English i.e.Reading Comprehension.We know different terms like eclectic reading ,nuances of reading,mind mapping et al but truly speaking hardly a few must have seriously done any of these. I call RC your best buddy in CAT because you can rely on it even if you have not put in a lot of effort. Over the years,CAT has had comprehensions from various realms like philosophy,history,religion,psychology etc.The passages based on philosophy are the eyesore of everybody as the pressure of the CAT environment doesn’t let anybody concentrate and get to the crux of the matter.My suggestion would be to skip such passages but you should have a little insight on them , in case you have no better option.

EXISTENTIALISM. Existentialistic ideas came out of a time in society when there was a deep sense of despair following the Great Depression and World War II. There was a spirit of optimism in society that was destroyed by World War I and its mid-century calamities. This despair has been articulated by existentialist philosophers well into the 1970s and continues on to this day as a popular way of thinking and reasoning.

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