TTE takes a ride to B-school

KOLKATA: At first sight, Anurag Verma looks like any other fresher on the Indian Institute of Management-Calcutta (IIM-C) campus. Tall and stout, the 23-year-old melts easily into the crowd of new arrivals. It’s tough to spot him actually, but when one does so, he is a show stealer. For, Anurag is a travelling ticket examiner (TTE) with Northern Railway on lien to study at the prestigious B-school.

Down-to-earth and rustic in parts, the lad from Kanpur was checking tickets on trains till May 30. He was actually on a train in the Moradabad-Kanpur sector when the news reached his home. He had cracked this year’s Common Admission Test (CAT) and found a place on the IIM-C rolls.

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Source:  The Times of India


India’s first IIT-IIM MP

Came across this news in the Times of India a few days back:

NEW DELHI: It is Indian education system’s ultimate ticket to the corporate boardroom. According to one study, around 50% of all CEOs in India have those magic letters on their CVs — IIT-IIM. But for all their brilliance and achievement in the corporate world, not a single member of the IIT-IIM club had so far entered Parliament as a member.

Now, Prem Das Rai, elected to the 15th Lok Sabha as the lone member from Sikkim, has the unique distinction of being the first ever IIT-IIMer in the Lok Sabha. Rai, 54, hopes to contribute his bit in changing the way Parliament and MPs are viewed in the country.

For the moment though, this IIT Kanpur (chemical engineering) and IIM Ahmedabad alumnus just wants to familiarize himself with the new job. As he puts it, ‘‘First, I need to look at the benchmarks of what constitutes a good MP. We are at a crossroads. People this time have voted for stability but they have also voted for better parliamentarians and parliamentary processes,’’ says the Sikkim Democratic Front MP, who early in his career chucked a cushy job as a multinational banker and later gave up opportunities in the US in favour of returning to his home state, Sikkim.

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IIT, IIM alumni to contest 40 Lok Sabha seats

The Bharatiya Punarnirman Dal (BPD) – a political outfit floated by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) alumni – will contest the Lok Sabha election from at least 40 seats across the country, a party leader said Saturday.

“We are all geared to contesting the election. Till now, we have only announced eight candidates,” BPD national working committee member Omendra Bharat said over telephone from Kanpur.

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Tycoons 2009 – India’s Greatest Youth Leadership Hunt

Tycoons 2009

We are excited to announce the launch of Tycoons 2009 – India’s Greatest Youth Leadership Hunt. With over 3,00,000 participants from over 2,000 colleges, spread across 100 cities of India, this event will be the most sought after platform for the promising leaders of tomorrow to engage in a battle of wits, as they compete to grab the title of Tycoon 2009.

Tycoons is designed as a multi stage event wherein you fight your way through a volley of exciting and challenging rounds specifically designed to stimulate your mind, so that each participant walks home with the learning experience of a lifetime. And as a bonus, you could get your hands on some pretty nifty prizes.

Mega prize– Scholarship for any Post Graduate Course in India

Cash Prizes winner Rs 75,000, 1st runner up Rs 50,000 and 2nd runner up Rs 30,000

Other prizes at each level- Lap-tops, Mobile phones, I-pods and much more.

Other highlights of the event include media coverage from Zee Network, an outbound to the Himalayas and a Leadership Summit, where you would get to meet and interact with successful and famous personalities.

For participation and further information, please log on to

Register for the online test and if you are among the top 50 scorers, you could secure a direct entry into the Regional Finals.

Proximity is key to raking it in

Why do schoolteachers get paid a pittance and bankers get million dollar severances? Why do IIM graduates get higher starting salaries than the salaries earned after 20 years of teaching by the very professors who taught them and made them worthy of being hired in the first place? Will bankers now earn less given that their irresponsibility has landed the entire world in a financial crisis without parallel?

The answer to the first two questions is not easy, but we all know the answer to the third. Bankers will continue to earn in figures beyond the comprehension of most normal people, even if their culpability in the present situation is without question. What is more, they will receive bailouts from the rest of the tax payers so that they can continue to earn their stratospheric commissions. Market forces work very well, except when it comes to the market itself, it would seem.

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The grass is green for Karan Bajaj

The IIM graduate’s debut novel, which is about drug culture, has become a hit; now, director Kunal Kohli is keen on buying the film rights of the book

Karan Bajaj, an IIM Bangalore graduate, is a happy man. His debut novel Keep Off The Grass has sold more than 10,000 copies in India within a month of its release making it one of the bestsellers. Now, it success has attracted production houses and directors who are interested in buying the film rights of the book. Continue reading