The Financial Crisis explained in simple terms

Heidi is the proprietor of a bar in Berlin . In order to increase sales, she decides to allow her loyal customers – most of whom are unemployed alcoholics – to drink now but pay later. She keeps track of the drinks consumed on a ledger (thereby granting the customers loans).

Word gets around and as a result increasing numbers of customers flood into Heidi’s bar.

Taking advantage of her customers’ freedom from immediate payment constraints, Heidi increases her prices for wine and beer, the most-consumed beverages. Her sales volume increases massively.

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Tycoons 2009 – India’s Greatest Youth Leadership Hunt

Tycoons 2009

We are excited to announce the launch of Tycoons 2009 – India’s Greatest Youth Leadership Hunt. With over 3,00,000 participants from over 2,000 colleges, spread across 100 cities of India, this event will be the most sought after platform for the promising leaders of tomorrow to engage in a battle of wits, as they compete to grab the title of Tycoon 2009.

Tycoons is designed as a multi stage event wherein you fight your way through a volley of exciting and challenging rounds specifically designed to stimulate your mind, so that each participant walks home with the learning experience of a lifetime. And as a bonus, you could get your hands on some pretty nifty prizes.

Mega prize– Scholarship for any Post Graduate Course in India

Cash Prizes winner Rs 75,000, 1st runner up Rs 50,000 and 2nd runner up Rs 30,000

Other prizes at each level- Lap-tops, Mobile phones, I-pods and much more.

Other highlights of the event include media coverage from Zee Network, an outbound to the Himalayas and a Leadership Summit, where you would get to meet and interact with successful and famous personalities.

For participation and further information, please log on to

Register for the online test and if you are among the top 50 scorers, you could secure a direct entry into the Regional Finals.

Top 5 Hottest Career Sectors

Until last year, BFSI owned the privilege of being the most sought after segment for employment. With an average growth of around 10%, BFSI pitched in over 55% to the GDP in FY’08. IT industry, the next most preferred segment, owed a part of its accelerated growth to the heavy expenditure on it by BFSI. Predicting the hottest sectors, a year earlier, was no tough cookie. But the current economic meltdown has made matters a little complicated, with its direct and most severe impact felt by the BFSI, and an indirect impact on the IT segment.

The massive jolt to its flagship industry, BFSI, caused the services sector to lose some importance to its counter parts, with the manufacturing sector engulfing a larger portion of the economic pie.

Within the manufacturing sector, the three industries that currently appear most promising are- Pharmaceuticals, Automotive and Power.

Pharmaceutical Sector:

The mammoth Rs.36,000 crore Indian pharmaceutical industry shows no sign of relenting under the current financial crisis. Dealing with relatively inelastic goods, untapped markets and rising consumer awareness, the industry is geared to grow at a rate of over 19% in the next fiscal year. Indian pharmacy has already witnessed the rise of some world class players, such as Ranbaxy, CIPLA and DRL, and the progress in this segment is only expected to rise.

Those graduates with a degree/diploma in B.Pharma, and interested in research, could expect to pursue rewarding careers with clinical research companies or research departments within leading pharmaceuticals. Other entry level jobs are available in the departments of production, purchase and sales; but a Bachelors degree in Pharma would go a long way here as well.

Automation Sector:

The past financial year saw the Indian automation industry grow at a very healthy rate. Even though this segment was affected by the economic slowdown, it jumped right back as companies from the automotive sector announced that there would be no downward revisions of previous production plans. Thus, for now, this industry would remain a lucrative opportunity for job seekers.

Graduates with a background in mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, electronic or production engineering would find attractive prospects in this sector. Entry level jobs are  available in production or engineering. Both facets focus on cutting costs, raising efficiency and improving quality by replacing manpower with machines.

Power Sector:

Since the growth of many industries within the manufacturing sector has hardly been impeded by the meltdown, the power generation industry is, but obviously, expected to continue its progress as well. The growth that the power sector registered last year is expected to accelerate, with the recent N-deal between India and the USA adding to the demand for experts and skilled labor for setting up and operating nuclear power plants.

The power sector harbors an urgent need for graduates with a degree/diploma in electrical, mechanical or civil engineering. Entry level jobs will involve on-site work with the generation or distribution departments. Prospective employees need to be prepared to work far from cities or towns; and in case of emergencies, may be required to work 24/7.

Besides these industries from the manufacturing sector, there are two other industries, belonging to the services sector, that are sure to retain importance. These are the organized retail, and IT.

Organised Retail Sector:

Being part of the services sector, organized retail will not remain unscathed by the economic slowdown. But since it is still at a nascent stage, coupled with advantages such as increasing per capita purchasing power and rapid urbanization, it will not be as impacted as the more developed industries. Its scope is still considerable, and though its growth rate of 20-25% will take a hit, it will probably not fall as much as was predicted earlier.

Gaining a foothold in the retail sector does not require any specific educational background. But one must possess a pleasing personality, lots of patience, willingness to work for long hours and an eye for detail. A course in hospitality would be an added advantage.

Information Technology Sector:

The IT industry (includes telecom and IT enabled services), which has always been a hot favorite among employees, escapes the fate of BFSI, its largest patron, due to its massive spread across all sectors. Although pulled down from its pedestal, IT will salvage much of its share due to its rising demand among many up and coming industries. IT includes the Telecom sector and IT enabled services.
The IT sector requires engineers from all backgrounds, and graduates with degrees/diplomas in BCA, MCA or B.Sc. There is plenty of demand for hardware as well as software developers who are willing to work long hours, face stiff deadlines and exhibit keen interest in keeping themselves updated with the latest technology in their field.

More Infobeans

Heads of important various Government portfolios/ National organizations/ Other organizations/Public sector undertakings.

1. Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India: – K.G. Balakrishnan

2. Chief Executive Officer of Prasar Bharti of India:-Baljeet Singh Lalli

3. Chairman of the Planning Commission of India :- Dr. Manmohan Singh

4. Deputy chairman of the Planning Commission of India: -Montek Singh Ahluwalia

5. President of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII): -Sunil Bharti Mittal

6. President of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industries (FICCI):-H.F. Khorakiwala

7. President of Punjab, Haryana & Delhi Chamber of Commerce & Industries:-Sushma Berlia

8. President of National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM): – Som Mittal

9. Chairman of National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM): – N. Lakshmi Narayanan

10. Comptroller & Auditor General of India (CAG): -Vijayendra N. Kaul

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IIFT GK – Geography

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IIFT/SNAP GK -History & Science

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IIFT GK – Current Affairs

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