CAT 2009 will offer 560 extra IIM seats

  • Sources from HRD ministry confirm CAT committe has been asked to add 560 more seats at IIMs for aspirants this year
  • CAT Cabinet approved 4 new IIMs in August at Tiruchirappalli (Tamil Nadu), Ranchi (Jharkhand), Raipur (Chhattisgarh) and Rohtak (Haryana), but the institutes are yet to be established.
  • New IIM shall admit 140 students each.
  • Some IIM directors have objected, saying these many seats will be too much for a new institute to manage.
  • “The older IIMs will help the new institutes decide the content of the academic courses, but only after the new directors are appointed,” said a government official.
  • The ministry has called for applications, but is yet to form a panel to appoint the new directors.
  • The ministry has also been unable to finalise temporary infrastructure for setting up the new institutes — except for IIM Rohtak, which will initially get a campus at the Maharishi Dayanand University.
  • The CAT announcement had not mentioned the new IIMs.

Source:  Hindustan Times


IIM-B starts student exchange prog with Paris-based HEC


  • IIM-B and Paris-based HEC School of Management (HEC) started a student exchange programme – HEC-IIMB (Hiep)
  • 20 students from each of the institutes will visit India and France and work jointly on projects of mutual interest
  • IIMB Director Pankaj Chandra: “This initiative is part of our strategic vision to increase the size of the institute in terms of number of programs, to make IIM-B an international school and a top research school which focuses not only on India but on other emerging economies”
  • 14 students of HEC came to IIMB and visited companies such as Infosys and Biocon. In exchange , batch of 14 students of IIM-B will visit France this December and will be exposed to business environment in Europe
  • Professor Shrish C Srisvastava of HEC: “Some of collaborative projects between the two institutes include understanding mergers and acquisitions, banking system, IT offshoring and outsouring and nuclear energy”
  • There has been an increase in number of international students visiting IIM-B as part of the student exchange. In 2009 more than 90 students will visit IIM-B . Around 63 students from IIM-B are currently visiting universities around the world.

Source:  Economic Times

IIMs face many hurdles in mentoring newer ones


  • IIMs face difficulty in mentoring new ones due to shortage of resources like faculty, staff etc
  • In August, the govt. approved 7 new IIMs, with 4 becoming functional in 2010-11 and other three a year later
  • Each new IIM to start with batch of 140 which will rise to 560 eventually
  • However, unlike the existing IITs, existing IIMs are neither providing temporary accommodation nor adequate faculty to the new IIMs
  • IIM Ranchi (mentored by IIM-C) will initially operate from a temporary campus given by the Jharkhand government, with first batch of 60-100 students
  • IIM Rohtak (mentored by IIM-L) will initially operate from space provided to it by MD University in Rohtak
  • IIM Trichy (mentored by IIM-B) is likely to put up its temporary campus and hostel facilities at BHEL and NIT

Source:  Business Standard

7 New IIMs coming up!

Better chance for MBA aspirants to grab a seat at IIMs

The Union Cabinet on August 27, 2009, approved 7 new IIMs to become operational in two phases at:
Tamil Nadu
Jammu & Kashmir

Phase I – 4 will start functioning from 2010-11, with an intake of 140:
Tiruchirappalli (Tamil Nadu)
Ranchi (Jharkhand)
Raipur (Chhattisgarh)
Rohtak (Haryana)

Phase II – Rest 3 will be set up during 2010-2011 and raise intake to 560 per year.

IIMC students gave up seats at foreign B-schools

  • Several IIM Calcutta’s 2009-11 batch students turned down foreign B-schools – LBS, Stearn (NYU), Cornell University, University of Texas, Georgia Tech Univ. and Univ. of Southern California etc.
  • 20 students of the batch left jobs paying over Rs 20 lakh p.a. to pursue MBA at IIMC.
  • Av work ex – 27 months. Students from – Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, McKinsey, Merrill Lynch etc.
  • Adamya Chandra, 23, mech. engineer from Kamla Nehru Institute Of Technology, Sultanpur refused seat at LBS to join IIMC, reason : reputation of the institute and professors, strong alumni network, it being the only institute in a metro and its distinction as ‘the’ financial campus of India – would help further his career in finance.
  • Another mech. engineer from Delhi College of Engineering, 23, quit his 20 lakh p.a. job at a trading firm to join 2009-11 batch, reason: “I decided in favor of value-addition, as it will provide security in the long run. As you move up the corporate ladder one needs an MBA degree and no better place than IIMC which is the best when it comes to finance.”
  • IIMC Batch Profile:
    • 408 members – largest across the 7 IIMs
    • Av. age – 24 years
    • 3 students scored 100%ile in CAT
    • Another 62 with over 99.9%ile.
    • 19 overseas students with av GMAT score – 728.
    • No. of female students increased to 10%, those with work experience – 63%.
    • Diverse mix – sportspersons, former World Bank and RBI employees, rock-climbing instructors, those working on starting butterfly farm chains, involved in massive projects such as the modernizing of the Bangladesh Railway System. At least 7 students have own startup ventures. Large number have worked with NGOs on issues such as rural upliftment and education of slum children.

Source:  Economic Times

Good times are back: Job offers flood IIMs

Article Summary:

BANGALORE: Pre-placement offers from all sectors pouring in for IIM grad class 2010


  • Consulting firms that participated in last year’s summer placement announced PPO results – all students received PPOs.
  • Vineet Sharma, Placement rep :  IIM-B is only institute with 100% success rate – better than even last year.
  • Last year’s PPO highlights:
    • 120 companies confirmed participation for 270 students
    • 12 consulting firms participated in these process – McKinsey & Co, Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Co. etc.
    • Consulting majors Alvarez & Marsal and Result recruited for the 1st time.
  • Last year’s summer placement breakdown:
    • consulting – 24%
    • finance – 21%
    • investment banking – 20%
    • marketing – 13%
    • general management – 13%
    • 2-3 international offers as well.

Source: Economic Times << Full Article here

CAT 2009: Frequently Asked Questions (1 July 2009)

Q1: I hear that CAT will be held online. Is that correct?
A1: CAT is going to be a computer based test (CBT) and not internet based test (IBT). I.e. Candidate does not take the test on an internet site. Instead of reading the questions in a paper booklet and darkening the ovals on the answer-sheet, a candidate will read the questions on a computer terminal and choose an answer by clicking on the correct option.

Q2: I hear that CAT will be a computer adaptive test. Is that correct?
A2: No, CAT is not going to be a computer adaptive test.

Q3: Will the format of the test change?
A3: The format of the test will remain more or less the same except that a candidate reads question on a computer terminal and clicks on the correct answer.

Q4: Can I take the test from any computer?
A4: No. A candidate will take the test only at designated test venues in about 25 cities across India. Detailed information will be provided in the CAT 2009 advertisement.

Q5: But how do I do rough-work and calculations while arriving at the answers?
A5: At the test venue, each candidate will be seated at a desk with a computer terminal and he/she will be provided with a writing pad with numbered pages for calculations. After the test, candidate must leave the pad including all the pages in it at the desk. Rough-work cannot be done on any other paper/sheet as nothing will be allowed to be taken inside the test hall.

Q6: Can you give more details on taking test in a CBT format?
A6: We will be giving more details at a later stage.

Q7: But when is the CAT 2009 advertisement going to appear in newspapers?
A7: Advertisement for CAT 2009 will appear during the later part of August 2009.

Q8: How much is the test fee for CAT 2009 and how do I pay?
A8: Candidate Testing Fee is Rs. 1400 (Rs. 700 for SC/ST candidates). A prospective candidate buys a CAT 2009 Voucher from designated locations/bank branches after advertisement appears in newspapers. Sufficient time will be given for purchasing the voucher. More details will be available on our websites after the advertisement appears in newspapers.

Q9: How do I register for CAT 2009?
A9. The Voucher bought by the candidate gives instructions on how to register for CAT 2009. At this time, it would suffice to say that candidates are expected visit CAT website to register for CAT 2009. Sufficient amount of time will be given to register online. More details will be given in the advertisement and the voucher.

Q10: How do I get my admit card for the test?
A10: After you fill-in, review, and submit the registration information during online registration, you will receive an email containing your Admit Card.

Q11. Does that mean I need to have an E-mail account?
A11. Yes, you must have a valid E-mail account throughout the selection process.

Q12: What do I need to bring at the time of test?
A12: You must bring the printed copy of the admit card, one picture ID, and any other ID not necessarily with a picture. Do not bring any other material and personal belongings with you, for no personal belongings and materials will be allowed in test-hall. More details will be provided later.
Q13: Can you please tell me when will the CAT 2009 be conducted?
A13: CAT 2009 will be conducted during a ten-day window starting at the end of November 2009. Exact dates will be mentioned in the advertisement.

Q14: Can I take CAT more than once during the testing window?
A14: No, a candidate can register to take test only once during the CAT 2009 testing window. Admit cards and picture ids of the candidates will be checked, and candidate pictures and biometric information will also be captured at the test venue.

Q15: When are CAT 2009 result expected to be declared?
A15: CAT 2009 results are expected to be declared by the end of January 2010. Exact date of result declaration will be informed at a later stage.

Q16: When will we get more updates?
A16: Any important developments may be posted on IIM sites and CAT website about a month later.

Source: IIM A website