IIM-A PI experience-1

Here’s the PI experience of one of our Bangalore students:

(Prof Sanjay Sinha – P1)(P2-no idea about the name)
The guy before me had a long interview (close to 30 minutes). I was the second to go in for the PI. Both the professors were chilled out. Absolutely no stress.
P2 got my folder from me but did not open it.

P1 : So you work.
Me: Yes sir. I have working with ……..for 18 months as an Associate DBA and and my daily responsibilities include Space Monitoring, Object Creation, Object Migration, Schema refreshes and Troubleshooting Generic issues.
P1: Can you draw a chart of what you do at work
Me: I dint know what exactly he was looking for. So explained about my work.
P1: You work for an internal customer. Is it USA based ? What is the structure.
Me: I said Fidelity is split into 2 parts. FMR for North American Businesses and FIL for serving other parts of the world. As I was speaking P1 was drawing an organisational structure chart.
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IIM-K GD/PI experience-9

Date: 21st February, 2009

GD/Case study details- It was a 50 word paragraph on whether a person has the right to end his life at the time when he reaches a stage when he is at a stage when he is crippled by chronic diseases and is unable to perform basic things like eating, walking, etc. At such a stage, what should be the role of his relatives, doctors & lawyers.

No. of students in Group- 11

Time duration- 13~14 mins

Interview Details

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IIM-K GD/PI experience 8

 Heres the experience of Shiv@Dadar


IIM-K GD/PI experience-7

Heres the experience of Rahul@Dadar

SIBM GD/PI experience-1

Process Details-

1) Group Discussion (Case Study)

2) Group Task

3) Personal Interview

GD/Case study details

No of students in the Group- 11, 2 were absent.

Time duration– 10 min to study and 15 min to discuss.


Switchex is a switch gear company. The switch gear market in India has many players. Two big players have got 40% and 37% (approx data) of market capitalization. Switchex has 14% share. Rest 9% is contributed by many small players. Continue reading

IIFT GD/PI experience-4

Process Details-

1)Essay Writing-20mins



GD/Case study details-

No of students in Group-12

Time duration-20min(2mins each person speaks first)


Is Industrial expansion in farmlands a suitable tact for sustainable development.

Interview Details

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IIM-K GD/PI experience-6

 Heres the experience of Naren@Dadar