PDP Boot Camp at Cochin

God’s Own Country, Kerala saw its first edition of the PDP Bootcamp happening on the 14th and 15th of February 2009. Call getters from across the state gathered in Cochin, the Queen of the Arabian Sea. The programme that happened in a Hotel right next to the Cochin Shipyard, commenced with the registrations at around 8 30 am on Saturday Feb 14th. Little did the students know that they were in for a rigorous two-day session from then on. All their plans to enjoy the beauty of Cochin got shattered!! But they wouldn’t complain; they had gained a lot from the exhaustive training sessions that they went through for the tpix1wo days. The Introduction of the Mentors as well as the participants was followed by comprehensive Group Discussion drills; the participants had a completely new experience altogether with the exhaustive GD drills. The fun-filled Personality drills with the rope exercise ushered in new learning for the participants in terms of Collaboration, team communication and conflict resolution within a team. Lots of learning was in store with the GK sessions handled by Mr. Krishnaswamy (IIM-K). Mock Interviews followed with the help of expert panel members. The Mock Interviews were done by Mr. Biju (IIM-B), Mr. Krishnaswamy (IIM-K), Mr. Gopal (IIM-K), Mr. Ajit (CL-South) and Mr. Vinod (CL-Kerala). After the interviews and exhaustive personal feedback, the students went through the Interview drills, followed by a brief GK/Economics session by Mr. Biju (IIM-B). The session that the students were eagerly waiting for, the case study analysis happened next with the participants assimilating the nuances of Case Study analysis. After having gone through the exhaustive two-day schedule, the participants had an opportunity to learn ‘what’s in store for them’ from Mr. Biju (IIM-B) during his concluding interaction.


Of Course, it was very much useful. Because they made up a step-by step procedure to make us talk in a GD. It was really Informative.

Balaji S

Yes, the PDP Boot Camp was even more than my expectations. The refreshment exercises and different approach to GD’s made me feel good.


– Balasubramaniam H

It met my expectations in terms of increasing awareness levels of what basically you are expected to deliver in a GD and making me realize th

e importance of packaging oneself and the need of relevant elusive points that can help you fetch the deal.

Meera Lal

The GD process was structured and they demonstrated crucial points about GD in a very proactive way.  Plus accommodation is awesome.

Prasid S

Yes, the Boot Camp was more than i expected. I thought it would be the same like the another institute’s process, where I attended 3 GDs in 2 days. Here I img31attended 15 GDs in one day.

Joseph Vincent

This boot camp has a greater edge than what I expected. I got lot of information about economy, my behavior, my strengths, weakness etc.

SK Chakravarthi Raianala


Last PDP Boot Camp at Delhi


Definitely. It was one of the best experiences I had in Career Launcher. There were many innovative exercises which made us thin out of the box. The feedback as extensive and very helpful.

– Abhishek Srivastava

Yes, interview mentoring was the most important. The GD drills really boosted my confidence.
– Anurag

As expected, it kept me on my toes and adequately focused on fundamental (of GD, BA, etc) as well as putting them into practice by various mock sessions and group discussions.
– Vasundhra Jain

The PDP Boot Camp definitely helped me a lot in identifying and streamlining my goals. The GD exercises were a lot of fun and educational.
– Rahul Negi

Yes, the PDP Boot Camp has lived up to the expectations. I expected that the interview sessions would be grilling and it turned out to be so. The faculty here is very co operative and experienced enough to bring out the best in an individual.
– Rubal Singh

It exceeded my expectations by a long way. It has assisted me in getting t know about the aspects of my own personality and how to use those tools to tackle the interview and GD which I was almost oblivious to.
– Gurbaxecesh

CL PDP Boot Camp at Hyderabad


1. Helped me realize my weakness in GD. 2. Made me aware of my real strengths. 3. Has helped me structure my whole profile and connect the dots.

-Sugandh Jalan

The Boot Camp did meet my expectations. We had exposure to different session also helped to know myself better.


Yes. It provided us with an opportunity to interact with the peers that told us the kind of competition we would be facing. The GD PI sessions also helped a lot. After the sessions, I an clear about why an MBA! ‘which’ hadn’t been able to decide since the past 2 months.

Parul Gupta

The PDP Boot Camp is beyond my expectation. Actually I thought it will be a workshop on simple GD-PI only. But this PDP boosted my confidence on how to talk & what to talk.

-Anil Kumar Yenigandla

Yes, the Boot Camp has given me the right direction to prepare for my GD/PI sessions. Also, I have been able to know my strengths and weaknesses through this session

-Rajat Narang

PDP boot camp has exceeded my expectations, there was lot of creativity in the activities that had happened.

-N. Deepak Kuamr

The next scheduled PDP Boot Camps shall be held at Bangalore and Delhi from 14th to 15th February. Incase you are interested, please register here.

PDP Boot Camp at Delhi


The PDP Boot Camp was fun from the word go. Interaction was of the highest quality, the food was pretty good. It helped me prepare dot interviews and group discussions in a more structured manner.
Arvind Shankar

img3The group discussion and case study sessions were very helpful to get at idea f what kind of competition I will face. The GK sessions too were informative.
-Sana Adhami

Yes, I cane here completely unprepared for the interview process and the one-one interview was a real eye opener on what exactly needs to be done.
-Amit Chand

It exposed the areas where I need improvements in next few days. It helped me give direction to my preparation. The mock Gds and Pis gave a lot of exercise and real simulation.
-Nitin Vermaimg1

I expected a lot of GD practice and atlest 1 PI, where I could test myself. I got all of this. Also, the interaction with other students was very good.
-Ashish Batra

The Boot Camp met my expectations thanks to the interview and GD concepts learnt during my stay.
-Ajay Kumar

The next scheduled PDP Boot Camps shall be held at Bangalore and Delhi from 14th to 15th February. Incase you are interested, please register here.

PDP Bootcamp at Bangalore


Assembling and pick up point for all the students was Jayanagar, but unlike the last, this time students came on time and we had 94 students assembling at the center. Started the sessions at 10.00 p.m. with Mr. Sanjay Shivnani setting the ground rules and making the students’ realize that this session is not going to be a cake walk but a serious learning by giving the agenda for the two days.

img11DAY 1

GD Drills and Marathon GD’s in the first half of the day, made the Over confident student to rethink about the short falls, those introvert and restrained students had lot to learn, end of the session lot of students were enthralled by the unique model of GD conduction, they were all pleased that each one of them had an opportunity to speak on every allocated topic. These GD’s were conducted by splitting the students into groups and each group had two moderators to evaluate.

After lunch we had split the group into two, while one group engrossed in rope drills (Out door), the other group was engaged in “Meet the Alumnus” session. This session was all about what? What Not!! and How? at IIM’s. This session was anchored by Prof. Ramnathan (IIM,A) and Surga (IIM, A). After tea break we had GK Session by Mr. Amit Bhatia (ISB) and Mr. Sachin (ISB) This session was extended by ½ hour because of the interactive pattern, and also students had a lot to elucidate.

Soon after the Dinner, we commenced with the most awaited session for students The Interviews; there were 8 outstanding Interview panelists.

Interview session started at 9.20 pm and went on till early morning 2.00am. Each Interview of 20-30 Mins, was followed with a 10 min feedback. There was also instances were students couldn’t cope and broke down during the grilling interview round. Our panelists had to counsel and cajole the students separately about the untoward reality ahead.

We also ensured that every interview was video graphed to enable the student to appraise their respective interviews.

The Interview panel comprised of Mr. Sanjay Shivnani (CL), Mrs. Jolly (CL – Marthahalli), Mr. Ramnathan (IIM-A), Ms. Surga(IIM-A), Sree Raman Vaidyanathan (IIM,A), Mr. Jayaram Krishnan (IIM,B) Keystone, Mr. Rajeev (IIM-A), Mr. Ashish (IIM-A), Mr. Sachin(ISB), Mr. Amit Bhatia (ISB), Mr. Sandeep(IIM – B), Mr.Akhilesh Sharma (IIM,B) Infosys, Mr. Sri Ram Senthil (IIM,K) Cyprus Semiconductor, Mrs. Sangeetha Pai (IIM-B), Mr. Prakash Prabhu (MDI), Mr. Ajit Kumar (CL – South) and Mr. Ananth Acharya (CL- Bangalore).

Day 2img21

Morning session started of with Interviews for the remaining students who were enthralled in the Movie “Chariots on Fire”. In each Interview session we ensured that the students were grilled on every aspect (Technical, Academic, GA etc) based questions.

At the end of the Interview round on Day 2, couple of students whose interview performance were low, required a rejuvenation session.

After lunch the sessions were followed with Interview drills conducted by Mr. Sanjya Shivnani and then followed by Case study discussion, this session was anchored by Mr. Sanjay Shivnani, Mr. Ramnathan, and Mr.Sachin.

The entire program got over by 6.20 p.m. and we all left the venue bu 7.00 p.m. after clearing doubts from the students.

The feedback given by the students was very satisfactory and they were all grateful for being at the right place at the right time.

The next scheduled PDP Boot Camps shall be held at Bangalore and Delhi from 14th to 15th February. Incase you are interested, please register here.

PDP Boot Camp at Kanpur

Young faces brimming with hope & confidence thronged the lobby with their backpacks, at Hotel Bliss, 8pm, 20th Jan with mixed feeligns of fear and excitement that competetion brings about. 58 IIM call-getters from IIT,HBTI,MNNIT,IET were there to img46participate in the first Boot Camp held at Kanpur from 20th Jan to 22nd Jan. The Boot Camp was speare-headed by Nitin Jindal & Arjun Wadhwa. The students were allocated rooms so that they interact with new people to help them develop their inter-personal skills. The tone was set for a lovely Boot Camp by a roof-top dinner & excellent food. Gourmet satisfaction adds to the appetite for intellectual craving so when at 10 o’clock, they were given assignments, they remained up till about 3.00am.

With a hot breakfast, the Boot Camp got started at 9.00am. The heterogeneous mix of participants which varied from Doctors to CAs added spice to the introduction session.

img27The GD drills wonderfully crafted by the faculty members, made the Boot Camp a success, there and then itself. Non-veg lunch with ice-cream took away the fatigue of 4hrs speaking. Gyan session was welcomed and students were
getting ready for the firing squad. Next came the Rope task, a memorable experience.

They strutted like gun-slingers, but were caged in mouse traps on simple questions like “why MBA” and “tell me something about yourself”. The feedback session by mentors that lasted from 5 pm till 2 am made it a night to remember. An excellent dinner and an impactfull movie, created a balming effect before the night.img14 Morning started at 8am & the students appreciated the GK gyan session with Arjun. Students were pleased with the entire concept of Boot Camp where they felt like that they had evolved in all aspects of presentation, content and demeanour. They thanked the mentors, especially for removing there hesitancy in speaking and exposing them to 99.9%ile and 10 pointers. They realized that if you know yourself well, you can clear IIMs. All of them left with the feeling that “IIM is within their reach.”

Upcoming boot camps are being held at Delhi, Bangalore and Kochi on 7-8th Feb . In case you would like to attend please register here


The PDP Boot Camp got us exposure to all that we needed to develop in our personalities, in terms of GD, PI, Interviews etc. Most importantly, we learnt from the feedback that was given to us.

-Garima Shukla

The GD exercise was was my favourite, because it taought me that it is possible to enter the GD at any stage and have content in both favour and against the topic. Hitting the most important points through brief and to the point entries.

-Ayushi Goyal

It exceeded expectation, from lodging, to food, to quality of teachers. Everything was excellent.

-Ahmer Khan

Session on GD tips and exercises lasted for 5 hours and covered all types of topics with a variety of people as group members.

-Shailendra Singh

The Boot Camp gave me a new dimension of thinking, and most importantly, it taught me that all the answers are within you. Just search within and you will be through.

-Ekta Goel

Yes, it did meet my expectation. It gave me valuable insight into concepts of GD, PI and case studies. Also, I got to learn from my competitors, which was wonderul.

-Nikhil Singh

PDP Boot Camp at Trichy

Home for the famous Rock Fort Temple, Trichy oimg43r Tiruchirapalli saw its rocking edition of the PDP Boot camp happen on the 23rd of January 2009. It was a One-day boot camp filled with lots of fun and at the same time, enormous learning for all the participants. We had the majority of the call-getters from the prestigious NIT – National Institute of Technology and also the famous SASTRA University.

The event started off with the participants registering for the programme from 0815 am onwards. The Introduction of the Mentors as well as the participants was followed by a brief yet comprehensive theoretical session on Group Discussions. GD Drills followed; the participants had a completely new experience img26altogether with the exhaustive GD drills. So did the Case Study discussions proceed with the call-getters getting mature with the all-important case analysis and discussion. The Boot camp concluded with Mock Interview drills for every student; video recorded and rich with extensive feedback.

Upcoming boot camps are being held at Delhi, Bangalore and Kochi on 7-8th Feb . In case you would like to attend please register here


I got an idea on how to convey ideas in short and concise statements

Amrutanshu Mishra

The PDP Boot Camp gave me the belief that I would be able to do public speaking


Greatly improved my GD/PI competency with the help of Ideation techniques – the rapid GDs were really challenging – The CL personnel are very friendly and motivating.


It helped me understand my weakness and provided corrective measures. The different circumstances that I got exposed to gave me a feel as to what it might be during the IIM interviews.

-R. Arun

The comments / feed back given on case study exercises were eye-opening

-Srivatsan Rajagopalan

The PDP Boot Camp exceeded my expectations and was really useful in bringing out the best in me. It also reinforced a lot of self-confidence.

-Shri Chakravarthy

The critical theory sessions that nurtured our line of thought and speech process was really good and most useful.

-RA. Madhan