Career Launcher to conduct first online All India Mock CAT

Career Launcher, the leading education service provider of India, will conduct the first ever Open Online Mock CAT test series across the country

Tests to be conducted in all major cities including Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Bhubaneshwar, Indore, Pune, Chennai, Kochi, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Rajkot etc.

Career Launcher, the leading education service provider of India, will conduct the first ever Open Online Mock CAT test series across the country. The tests will be conducted in various major cities across India, between 25th July to 2nd August.

This test series spanning over eight days will be open to non Career Launcher students as well. Speaking on the importance of this test, Mr. R. Shiva Kumar, Director, R&D and Academics, Career Launcher said, “There has been a lot of anxiety and apprehension about the Computer Based CAT (CBT-CAT) in past few weeks and we intended to acclimatize aspirants with the new format in a live test environment. This test will also help them identify their areas of concern and in course correct them in the next few months. This is a first of its kind mock test held in the history of MBA test preparation in India. We have created a total of 1500 slots and expect over 50,000 students to take this test, it will serve as an effective benchmarking tool for the new CAT format.”

The students can choose time slots (7 am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm and 7pm) according to their convenience and take this test at the computer labs in the designated test centers. The entire process, from booking a time slot to getting the scores has been simulated to give the students a real life experience of the actual exam. “We have created an actual test environment in our centers which will help the students to try their mettle under the same pressure and test conditions as the actual CBT-CAT. Since Career Launcher had introduced online mock tests for its students from June 1 itself, we feel our students already have an edge over others”, added Shiva Kumar.

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When it comes to Proc Mocks, you made the right choice!

Dear CL Student,

Two of our Proctored Mocks are over and a third one – the All-India Open Proc Mock – is just around the corner. We are pleased to find that our Proc Mocks have generated a lot of positive response from the student community. Discussion forums on sites like Pagalguy and even those of our competitors are abuzz with compliments about the way the Mocks were managed.

Here are some excerpts:

“…career launcher has already completed 2 online invigilated cats and they were spot on in management.” – tOoFaNo_Ka_SiKaNdAr

“CL’s management of its mocks is far didnt end up giving headaches to its students instead of results” –Braindead

(From talktime. URL:

However, if you visit the same forums, you shall see that students who have enrolled with the test series of one of our competitors are anything but pleased about their experience. In fact, they have complaints about almost every aspect of the way our competitor handled their first Online Mock CAT.

These include:

* “ have been waiting since eternity ,and now they tell me they dont hav my results !!!” – billythekid

* “I had taken the test, but it somehow says that either i didn’t take the test, or didn’t fill my registration no. properly.” – oval

* “i ws almost done wid my paper and about to submit when the screen disappeared..whn i asked the concerned person he made me submit my test agn….bt my answrs were not saved...- sizzlysonal

* “There are only two systems available in this centre. I dont how they are going to conduct rest of the MOCK CATS with such an infrastructure.” – Phirozz

* “my result shows that I had 1 attempt in English while i had at least 20-22. 4 attempts in maths and I made 10. 1 attempt in DI and I made 7. What is this” – xineohp

* “in the results page, the no of test takers approx 26000. on the page where they apologize, they say around 33000.” – aspcat

(Note: All excerpts take from ‘Talk time’ – T.I.M.E’s discussion forum and the forum on AIMCAT1018 on

These are, indeed, serious issues that can frustrate any student. The main reason for such mismanagement is simply a lack of competency when it comes to conducting a test online. And this is exactly where you are in safe hands.

We promised we won’t catch you sleeping when it comes to Online CAT.
And we stand by our promise.

All the best for the All-India (Open) Mock.

Marketing Team

Take the Test- The Statesman- 16th June, 2009

Career Launcher has designed a full-fledged proctored mock CAT for tech-savvy aspirants.

Proctored Mock CAT 1- An Overview

Finally, the time has come when you should be abreast with the changing colours of one of the most coveted entrance examination- the Common Admission Test. This test was designed to give you a an actual feel of how it would be on the D-day. So how was the feel taking a simulation of the future in the new avatar? With the advent of the new technology, this test seems different, albeit with similar questions pattern.

In this paper you had to fight the battle on two fronts- tackling the known enemy- (questions present) and getting used to the battle ground- (the online version). A few problems that you could have encountered and would encounter in future are:-

1- Concentration- It is a fact that while reading and comprehending questions online, the level of concentration required is much higher than reading on paper.

2- Feeling lost in the vast jungle- When it comes especially to Data Interpretation and Reading Comprehension questions, one might feel completely lost if one doesn’t make a mental- map of what one is reading. Especially, in DI, a lot of students are in the habit of redrawing the table and the graphs, which consumes almost double the time required to solve a question. In an online test scenario, it becomes extremely difficult to note the information, hence, you must practice making a mental map and filtering relevant information. Even In Reading comprehension the scope of underlining key-words in the passage becomes redundant on screen. Therefore, mental map is the only solution.

3- Combat Fatigue- It is a widely accepted fact that while taking a test online one feels much tired due to the sitting posture…you have no choice but to sit upright, the old pleasures of slouching on the seat are history now. Another area where you might feel fatigued is your eyes. Reading constantly from the screen tires the eyes. A valuable suggestion would be to take a 30 seconds break in between a set of questions…you might just move your hands a bit and blink your eyes, this would help you to concentrate better.

This Mock test had an overall moderate level of difficulty with Quantitative Aptitude being on the tougher side. There was a healthy mix of questions in all the three sections.

Quantitative Aptitude:-This section was difficult. The trick to solve this section was to identify 7-9 relatively easy questions and attack them with 85% accuracy.

Data Interpretation:- This section was on the easier side with 2 sets that were very easy to crack. The DS questions were easy but tricky. A good scan would have helped you to identify these questions.

Verbal Ability:- This section was on an easier- moderate side. The grammar questions could have been well left out. The RC passages were short but required high level of comprehension. A good scan of the questions before attacking them could have helped you to get a good score. Overall, solving 10-15 questions with 85% accuracy would have helped you sail to the safer shores.

Tricks to combat the battle:- You must familiarise yourself with the battle field and prepare for the future battles by:-

1- Taking all the online Topic Tests.

2- Taking all the online Section Tests

3- Taking all the Online Mock tests.

Wish you Luck…

The Career Launcher Team.