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As part of our ongoing initiative to reach out to students and provide them with 24×7 support and guidance, we have compiled all our videos (on CAT preparation) on YouTube and made them available in a new free-to-use and easy-to-browse website.

This is an online repository of video explanations of important questions from the various Mock CATs. It is a free resource and you should be able to browse through by simply clicking on the appropriate section and topic links given on the left of the website.

CAT takers can browse through the videos by first choosing the section of the paper (on the left of the website) and then subsequently the topic and the particular Mock CAT. More videos will be added on a regular basis.

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CAT Quant – The True Picture by Shivku (IIMC)

Quant Without Math

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XAT Quant

JMET Trigonometry & Higher Maths

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JMET – Algebra

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Algebra in CAT: 1998 – 2006 (concluding part)

CAT 2003 (retest): A milder version of the leaked CAT paper. It was apparent that that paper had been set in a hurry. A lot of concepts from earlier CATs were repeated. While Algebra was given a lot less importance, there were a lot of questions on Geometry — possibly a deliberate attempt to veer students off the track.

The concepts that were checked in this CAT were:

Logarithms: There were 3 questions, all of which required the application of some fundamental logarithmic properties. The first question was based on the solution for x in an equation with logs. The second was a geometric series embedded into logs, while the third was a simple logarithmic equation with two variables, in which one was asked to express one equation in terms of the other. Continue reading