When it comes to Proc Mocks, you made the right choice!

Dear CL Student,

Two of our Proctored Mocks are over and a third one – the All-India Open Proc Mock – is just around the corner. We are pleased to find that our Proc Mocks have generated a lot of positive response from the student community. Discussion forums on sites like Pagalguy and even those of our competitors are abuzz with compliments about the way the Mocks were managed.

Here are some excerpts:

“…career launcher has already completed 2 online invigilated cats and they were spot on in management.” – tOoFaNo_Ka_SiKaNdAr

“CL’s management of its mocks is far better..it didnt end up giving headaches to its students instead of results” –Braindead

(From talktime. URL: http://www.time4education.com/talktime/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=999273323&whichpage=1)

However, if you visit the same forums, you shall see that students who have enrolled with the test series of one of our competitors are anything but pleased about their experience. In fact, they have complaints about almost every aspect of the way our competitor handled their first Online Mock CAT.

These include:

* “ have been waiting since eternity ,and now they tell me they dont hav my results !!!” – billythekid

* “I had taken the test, but it somehow says that either i didn’t take the test, or didn’t fill my registration no. properly.” – oval

* “i ws almost done wid my paper and about to submit when the screen disappeared..whn i asked the concerned person he made me submit my test agn….bt my answrs were not saved...- sizzlysonal

* “There are only two systems available in this centre. I dont how they are going to conduct rest of the MOCK CATS with such an infrastructure.” – Phirozz

* “my result shows that I had 1 attempt in English while i had at least 20-22. 4 attempts in maths and I made 10. 1 attempt in DI and I made 7. What is this” – xineohp

* “in the results page, the no of test takers approx 26000. on the page where they apologize, they say around 33000.” – aspcat

(Note: All excerpts take from ‘Talk time’ – T.I.M.E’s discussion forum and the forum on AIMCAT1018 on pagalguy.com)

These are, indeed, serious issues that can frustrate any student. The main reason for such mismanagement is simply a lack of competency when it comes to conducting a test online. And this is exactly where you are in safe hands.

We promised we won’t catch you sleeping when it comes to Online CAT.
And we stand by our promise.

All the best for the All-India (Open) Mock.

Marketing Team


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All the best!

Career Launcher CAT 2009 Test Series

Test Series enrolments have already begun at CL centres and we will be giving the facility to Enrol Online in a few days as well.

There are three products:

CAT Test Series:

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Non-CAT Test Series: 6 Paper based Mocks – 2 SNAP, 2 XAT, 1 FMS and 1 MAT and 15 Full Length Tests.  Rs 999/-

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