Blessing and curse for new IIMs

Pranab Mukherjee’s clarification that Rajasthan too will receive an IIM as a result of a budget gaffe has prevented the process of launching new IIMs promised by the government from coming to a complete halt.

But the error in Mukherjee’s interim budget speech, even after the clarification, may claim as its victim hopes of launching any of the new IIMs this academic session.

Including Rajasthan with the six other states scheduled to host IIMs will require starting afresh a bureaucratic process already under way to launch a new generation of the B-schools, officials said.

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IIM-A placements: Dull start

It seems the global meltdown will have an impact on placements at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) this year, too. There was a general air of disappointment at the institute on Wednesday – Day Zero of final placements for 2009 – as only 9 companies had turned up for recruitment.

Sources said this was 16 companies less than the number that had turned up for recruitment at IIMA on the first day of placements last year. Placement officials at the institute, however, declined to confirm or deny the figures.

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IIM-K GD/PI experience 8

 Heres the experience of Shiv@Dadar


IIM-K GD/PI experience-7

Heres the experience of Rahul@Dadar

SIBM GD/PI experience-1

Process Details-

1) Group Discussion (Case Study)

2) Group Task

3) Personal Interview

GD/Case study details

No of students in the Group- 11, 2 were absent.

Time duration– 10 min to study and 15 min to discuss.


Switchex is a switch gear company. The switch gear market in India has many players. Two big players have got 40% and 37% (approx data) of market capitalization. Switchex has 14% share. Rest 9% is contributed by many small players. Continue reading

IIFT GD/PI experience-4

Process Details-

1)Essay Writing-20mins



GD/Case study details-

No of students in Group-12

Time duration-20min(2mins each person speaks first)


Is Industrial expansion in farmlands a suitable tact for sustainable development.

Interview Details

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IIM-K GD/PI experience-6

 Heres the experience of Naren@Dadar